Product Description

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This wireless dog fence from Wolfwill is unlike any other wireless fencing system. It is unique, and it is fully equipped with the latest wireless fencing system. Unlike its former model, it now comes with a rechargeable receiver that is not only durable but also has soft straps that will allow you to train two dogs at the same time.The wireless dog fence package from Wolfwill also comes with a transmitter that has a LED display transmitter. This product will keep your dog from running around, breaking things and destroying your neighbor’s lawn because it’s designed to shock your dog if he goes beyond the boundaries you’ve set.Another great thing about this product is that it has a very great range that is not only relatively large but also settable. The reliability of this system is also excellent because it is designed to be one of the safest wireless fences for your dogs so they can walk around freely. This wireless dog fence has two mode controls that can reach up to 5000 square meters, and the intensity of the transmitter can be adjusted from a 0 up to 100.

Features and Benefits

It’s also got digital display on its transmitter which will display what the current intensity of the device is. It’s also got two modes installed: electric shock mode and sound control that can reach up to 5000 square meters.

The receiver will not immediately shock your dog if he goes out of bounds, he will first be warned with a sound, so if your dog does go out, he’ll learn to know where his boundaries are. It comes with two rechargeable and waterproof receiver. It’s got a large range that you can set as you desire and an intensity signal that ranges from zero up to a hundred.

The package of this wireless dog fence system from Wolfwill also comes with four probes that have different sizes, a charging adaptor, and an English manual. This product is especially for dogs that weight 20 to 120 pounds and the product should be placed in a position high enough or at least 1.5 meters away from metal objects.

Pros and Cons

The product is very affordable and cheap. Likewise, the shipment is fast, and it arrives on time. The wireless fence is super easy to set up, giving you more time to train and bond with your dog, and also gives you more experience with the product. The new feature which is the sound control lets your dog wander, run and enjoy your lawn while still within the boundaries, and with the sound control that could reach up to 5000 sq. Meter, it will leave you with no worries that your dog might break things again.

This product has also upgraded the weight levels that let bigger dogs use it too. It is still waterproof and still has a feature that shocks your dog whenever it crosses the boundary line. Despite all that, all products have its cons and that includes this device. It doesn’t usually work properly after charging it to the allotted time.

Even when it’s charged it would beep on different places leaving the dog with confusion on where its boundary line is located or the inconsistency of the distance from the base for the tone/beep. The collars would sometimes randomly give off a shock to the dog and that instructions were not clearly stated. Nevertheless, FunAce provides excellent customer experience and lets you return the product in case you don’t like the experience with it.

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This wireless dog fence from Wolfwill is an upgraded version and along with the upgrade also comes with a lot of features. It’s obviously wireless, so you won’t have to install anything at all and have wires circling your lawn. If you always think and worry about your dog whether It has run away again or it is quite uncontrollable, then FunAce will provide an effortless way for keeping your dog around.

This product lets you control and trains your dog, it is wireless, so there are no worries on seeing wires scattered on your lawn. It gives off a shock and sound that your dog might need to aware the dog that there are boundaries. This product is also suitable for owners who own multiple dogs or owners who are planning to adopt more than one dog because the transmitter can handle an unlimited number of receivers. Also, this product is an upgraded version, so it uses sound to warn dogs up to 5000 sq. Meter.The wireless fence though might work best on people with expansive lawns. A direct observation might vary with different people at different places. If you’re aiming for accelerated results, then you might need to give this time about thrice a week for your dog to familiarize and learn its boundary lines and to make your dog ready for its training, and surely it will learn to stay in safe zones and will memorize its border zones.