Product Description

Building a fence can be quite pricey and if you live in a place with unusual and extreme weather your fence after a long time of exposure to harsh weather will not last long.

However, today you can easily a purchase a fence that is not only easy to install but is also durable and can handle different and extreme weathers like this Wireless pet containment from PetSafe.

This wireless system can cover half an acre of a spherical containment area, and it is portable. It has a comfortable rechargeable collar, and it can also handle an unlimited number of pets.

Features and Benefits

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PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

Unlike some wireless pet containment system, its wireless receiver collar is a hundred percent waterproof, so whether it is raining or not your dog can wander around the fence area freely.

It also doesn’t require much effort regarding installations because it comes with zero wires for burying and because it is very portable, you can take the product with you wherever you with your dog.

Whether it is in the park or just around your neighbor’s house, you will feel relaxed knowing that your dog is within reach. The collar is also rechargeable, and it is fit and contoured for the comfort of any dog breed.

Aside from being waterproof, the collar has five correction levels that will allow you to set the intensity of the static you want so that your pet dog won’t go out of bounds. There is also an extra tone-only mode that you can use if you’re still only beginning to train your dog.

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The system can handle an unlimited number of dogs with individual receiver collars so that means you can relax despite having 6 active dogs running around your lawn because you’re sure none of them will wander outside and get lost. Each of the collars can be set to different correction levels that you think is appropriate for your pet.

You can also place the probes on each collar to be either long or short depending on its effectivity on your pet. The package contains two wireless receiver or collars, but you can change the number of collars that will be shipped on the options.

Along with the collars also comes two batteries for each collar, a ½ acre wireless transmitter, 50 boundary training flags, a test light tool, power adapter and an instruction manual.

Pros and Cons

The product works great even if you have plenty of dogs, you will not have to worry about your Dogs running off because especially if they are trained in this system, a beep can even be enough to have them wagging off the opposite direction.

It also overlaps with any current wireless fence system you have so your dog can navigate and roam in a wider area. Also, another great thing about this product is that despite its collars having five increasing correction levels, it still comes with a tone-only mode so you can train your dog without having any static probe on them.

Despite having a static system on the receiver collar, if your dog somehow passes the boundary line it will stop working that is why it is important that you do a routine check on the batteries in the receiver collars because it only typically lasts about two weeks especially if your pets are very active.

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Also, because this product can overlap with any wireless fence system product you have, it can also possibly overlap the wireless system your neighbor might have, especially if it’s the same one as yours.

It is better to check with your neighbor first before you buy to avoid having the same product and beating the goal which is not to have your dog wander off anywhere aside from your lawn.

This wireless pet containment system can also get pricey depending on the number of dogs you have, meaning, more dogs means you have to purchase the installment with more collar, so that means the price of the product will get higher. But hey it’s got free shipping so that should save you a few dollars.


Whether you’ve got a big dog like a hound or small one like a poodle, you’d always want to keep your pet safe and tucked in in the comfort of your home or lawn. You’d probably want to be able to see them just running around or playing on your lawn but also don’t want to view them in an oppressed cage like being the inside a fence. That is why you should buy a Wireless Pet Containment System like this one from PetSafe, so you won’t have to worry about your pets anymore. This product can benefit you greatly, and it will put your mind to ease.

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