Do you constantly have to go searching for your dog? Have the neighbors been at your door complaining over the trash that is strewn across their yard by your dog? Are there several litters of puppies in the neighborhood with your dog’s eyes? Neutering the animal might control some of the wanderlust, but there are many reasons that a dog owner chooses not to go down this road. A wireless fence is another method that can keep your dog in the yard and under your control.

Before you decide to purchase a wireless dog fence to keep your wandering dog contained, you might want to learn how they work. The first thing that you will learn about wireless dog fences is that they are completely approved by the Humane Society for being a safe and effective in training a dog. They are never meant to be a punishment to the dog, but only a deterrent that is used to keep the dog within the established boundaries.

A wireless dog fence has become a popular choice among homeowners who are looking for a low-cost alternative to keeping their animal in the yard. They are significantly less costly than a typical above ground fence and the look of a yard that is fenced completely underground provides a wide open look that many people find enjoyable.

The components that you will receive with your wireless fence are a transmitter and the receiver on the dog collar. You will also receive the underground wiring for an underground pet fence. When the dog crosses over the wiring in the ground, the transmitter sends a signal to the collar and delivers a mild shock. Some of the fences will provide the dog with a warning beep when they get too close to the boundary. If the dog ignores the beep, they will get the shock.

The shock that the dog receives is meant to get the dog’s attention. It is not meant to hurt the dog. You should always use a wireless dog fence in combination with proper obedience techniques. Your dog will need to learn where his boundaries are and what behavior is and is not acceptable. Dogs are remarkably smart animals and can be taught a variety of lessons. The most important lesson that they learn is that your commands must be obeyed.

Do some reading on the many dog training methods that you can use with your wireless dog fence. There are a number of techniques that are employed and you might have to try a few before you find the one method that will work with your dog.