With so many pet fence systems in the market, pet owners sometimes find it hard to score on the perfect invisible fence system for their dogs. There are many options given by brands, which make it more challenging for pet owners.However, reading product reviews can make your life much easier. These provide sufficient information about a particular product, so you do not have to risk on a pet fence, only to return it if you are not satisfied. Read this product review on the Hidden Dog Fence by Sit Boo-Boo and see if it suits your dog’s needs.

Product Description

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The Hidden Dog Fence by Sit Boo-Boo is a safe and secure pet fence system for pet owners who are looking for in-ground or above ground dog fences. It is fully customizable so that you can utilize it according to your ground’s capacity. It has a portable size which is easy to move around or disassemble. Upon purchase of this fence system, you will receive one rechargeable and waterproof Receiver Collar.This pet fence system will surely teach your dog the proper boundaries of your home using a wireless electrical fence. This does not only protect your pet from dangers outdoors but also trains it with appropriate behavior. The option to add multiple collars to the transmitter is a useful feature for pet owners who have more than one dog.

Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence

This saves time and money spent on buying more transmitters for each dog. The receiver collar contains vibrate and shock options for your dog. You can choose between these two modes to find which one is more suitable for your pet. The pet collar provides a perfect and comfortable fit for dogs. It is also rechargeable, so there is no need to stock up on batteries for replacement.

Features and Benefits

With the in-ground fence cords included in this containment system, you would find Sit Boo-Boo’s Hidden Dog Fence easy to install and completely invisible from your dog’s vision. This helps avoid accidents like your dog tripping or running over fence chords. Invisible fence chords would also not interfere with your backyard’s landscape design. The transmitter device is smartly designed to use the latest radio wave technology.

On the other hand, the receiver collar offers five adjustable correction levels for more precise training. If you feel lost during installation, you can read the manual that comes with the package upon purchase. The unit comes with sufficient wire that can cover 1.2 acres. You can customize the shape of the boundary area to maximize the chord provided. Meanwhile, the transmitter can reach up to five acres. In a case of dissatisfaction, the company offers a lifetime replacement warranty.

Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons listed in this product review were gathered from the feedback and reviews provided for by previous customers that have purchased and used the Hidden Dog Fence By Sit Boo-Boo. Most customers have noted that Sit Boo-Boo’s Hidden Dog Fence works as advertised. Thus, the brand is true to its word and aims to provide quality and affordable pet fences for pet owners.The shipping is prompt, and the sales representatives are accommodating for customer queries. It can be easily hidden from a dog’s vision, which lessens accidents. The waterproof collars are a plus for dogs that are fond of playing with water outdoors. This is one less worry for pet owners who have pools or sprinklers in their backyards.It takes two hours to set up the fence system. There are no wires to bury with this one, so it is faster and easier to install. Concerning the price, it is actually about a third of the price of most pet fence systems. It is a quality yet affordable containment system for plenty of pet owners. You can freely enable multiple receiver collars on the transmitter to keep guard of more dogs. This is a huge bonus for pet owners that have multiple dogs at home.

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The Hidden Dog Fence by Sit Boo-Boo is an excellent choice if you are looking for an in-ground fence system with a waterproof collar. This pet containment system, in particular, can cover up to 4.5 acres of land, which is plenty enough room for your dog. Receiving a rechargeable collar with transmitter means you do not have to keep buying batteries. Customers love that the product works wonderfully as advertised. You can trust that the product description of the Hidden Dog Fence is reliable and correct.