Product Description

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Secure-Pet Hidden & 100% Wireless Fence and Containment System with 2 Collars is a simple containment system that comes with two collars you can enjoy. The transmitter can accommodate as many necklaces as long as it is properly connected to it.

The system has three levels of correction that allows you to tailor the wireless collar of your dog to your choice and level of training strategy. The levels range from vibrations to tiny shocks.

The system is ensured to have radio wave frequencies that are totally harmless for your dogs. Both are useful in training your dog’s behavior and in directing them and does no harm to their physical and their psychological health. The system covers a radius of 400 feet.

Features and Benefits

With two or many collars, you can accommodate and put many dogs into training. With the full range, you will be able to conveniently cater area you want, without the hassle wires and radio chords.

The containment system has a portable size which makes it easy to transport to your new house, vacation trips and other outdoor activities with your pets. The system comes with an e-book for a bonus feature.

This unique feature enables you to have guide electronically for convenience; this is an advantage especially in this electronic age. The shocks and vibrations of the collars are mild but are useful in alarming your dogs of the boundaries set.

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Pros and Cons

The system works conveniently and is hassle-free in installment. The range is pretty small; you need extra effort in actually expanding the scope of the footage and product. The collars are rechargeable and also have longer posts that work well with long haired dogs.

The containment system has it is built in batteries that make the system workable even during brief power outages or power loss. The business gives you further ideas on how to fix things and what this product is good for promptly. They do have different setups for different situations and different kinds of dogs. Keeps your dogs in the running too wild.

However, be aware that the transmitter must be set up in areas without metal objects to avoid interferences in the product. The system becomes inconsistent and can zap your pets even without crossing the parameters. The battery life is inconsistent as well even when both collars are charged.

Issues like walking out to the farthest distance several times and getting different readings each time and sometimes one of the collars did not vibrate at all on the way out but echoed several times on the way back can happen as well.

The collar does not beep when it should and sometimes goes off for no identifiable reason at all. It would beep well within the safe area and sometimes wouldn’t beep at all outside of the area. Moreover, at times it would not stop alarming until turning off the base.

The collar also immediately sets to correction mode if the power is gone and resets to power setting one when the power comes back. The range is unpredictable. The product is not suggested in suburban areas. Range always changes, therefore, cannot inform and teach the dog of the boundaries correctly.

Because of inconsistency, dogs can make their way out of the border and to the streets. The box is bulky, and the collars are too big for smaller dogs. The beep is inaudible which makes it hard to determine if it is working or not, try to touch it and see if it vibrates in places you want it to alarm.

The vibrations sometimes is not enough for bigger dogs. The LED indicating its power stays dim even when the collar is fully charged and would randomly go to sleep within a couple of minutes after turning the system on. Issues are going to be fixed.

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Secure-Pet Hidden & 100% Wireless Fence and Containment System collar can sometimes be too large. Therefore, it needs the proper adjustments to accommodate your pets. The system is most useful in places with enough and metal free space. Following the instructions is suggested for efficient use of the product.

This containment system is modern and convenient fitted for the generation of today, with its rechargeable collars and electronic books. The exact position of the transmitter around your desired boundary is an advantage, avoiding conflict with neighbors who use the same product and crossing over of your dogs to their part of the fence. The setting is comfortable, and most of the time, pet owners consume time most on setting boundaries.