Product Description

The Wireless Pet Fence Containment System is a revolutionary concept that offers a safe, convenient and pet containment. It has a transmitter that can be plugged to any part of your houses, somewhere uneasily noticed.

The system has a circular range of coverage of up to 190 acres. The system is wireless and has a chargeable collar; the system comes with two collars. Both collars are waterproof.

Features and Benefits

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The wireless pet fence system covers a wide area enough space for your pets to enjoy. It adopts a stable and wireless signal to ensure the maximum safety of your pet. The system is cordless and has no wires to bury. The system is invisible which throws away the hassle of building a fence and having an unpleasant physical appearance kind of wall. It has a WiFi radio transmitter and receiver collar for a better and advanced scope of your pets.

It encompasses an area of up to 500 meters. The IP67 collars are waterproof and dustproof that can withstand sunny, slightly rain, sandy or even dusty days. You can connect multiple collars as long as it is controlled by and connected to the same transmitter. This gives you security for numerous pets at once. The collar is suitable for almost all dogs weighing 20 -120lbs.

Its transmitter has 100 adjustable levels that will give you numerous choices of your desired level to effectively impose your style of training to any kinds of dogs like Labrador, Chihuahua, Akita, Husky, Samoyed, Shepherd dog, and others.

Pros and Cons

The Wireless Pet Fence Containment System works just as described and leaves you with no hassle in the setup at all. It sets up in at least a few minutes following the user’s manual. Its collar is rechargeable and has a long battery life after charging. It provides a full space and identifiable boundaries for your pets to enjoy a wider area of activity and as well as abiding by the limits.

Your pets will first feel new and hesitant about the product but will eventually learn the perimeters and stay in their safe zones. They will enjoy their areas of activity more. Your pet will learn in a few weeks without using any flags at all.

The collar will immediately warn your pets when they go off limits, so you will have no worries of your pets getting on the road, going in the mud or running away from the arranged perimeters. The transmitter can accommodate multiple collars which can enlarge your possibilities.

It allows you to secure multiple pets at once and the numerous features also let them have playmates that are protected as well. Your pets can now play freely and have an efficiently adjusted dog lives at your pace. Your dogs will learn in a few weeks, and you will achieve your training goal.

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Even so, the boundary isn’t consistent, the range changes from time to time if power fails with the transmitter, it corrects your pet even inside the perimeter. It can also work for just a few hours and unknowingly shuts off and shocks at different intervals. This can be caused by the area, topography, and objects that can block the signal.

The collar is easily worn out in two months and it beeps randomly without your pet even reaching the boundary or even just ten yards. The collar goes loose so you would need to watch your pet’s collar to ensure they would not get away. proper setup of the collar can be referred to the user’s manual. At times, the signal can be blocked making it unidentifiable if it’s still on or not. There is a safety feature installed that shuts the device off in times like this.

The system may be erratic and unpredictable. The scope is only circular. The area cannot be adjusted as decided shapes like square, rectangle, triangle and other know shapes. The LED light that indicates the collar’s power becomes red when it needs to be charged, however, blinks a red colored light randomly even after charging.

The system is not recommended for houses in a trailer park. It doesn’t work on big dogs sometimes as the shock and signal wouldn’t alarm the dog. Following the manual will help in the convenience of the setup of the product and as well as an effective informant of do’s and don’ts. Both minor and major issues will be addressed.


This Wireless Pet Fence Containment System offers you opportunities unknown to you before. The new system has a durable wifi radio transmitter and collar receiver that will work on techy owners.

The product will enlarge the possibilities and your visions for your pets. It provides a large area that your pets will use. You can invite the play buddies of your dog too since the transmitter can accommodate many collars. This fence system works as described and aims for the safety of your pets.