Most of us are animal lovers and have a pet or two in our homes. Dogs are playful and protective at the same time. They are a treat when they are around the house.

However, with all their playfulness, it is sometimes hard to keep them guarded especially if we are talking about German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Labradors, and other similarly large hounds. Keeping your dog within the perimeter of your home is necessary for your household’s and your neighborhood’s safety.

Trust PetSafe’s Wireless Pet Containment System to keep your dog safe within your house’s boundaries at all times. Read this PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System Review to know how.

Product Description

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The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System guides your pet to avoid areas that it should not go to. It is a pet containment system that is best kept in weather tight areas to get the optimum results.

It comes with a battery-operated collar and releases shocks whenever your dog goes beyond the set boundary within your home.

The shock lasts for less than 30 minutes or until your dog goes back to the battery. It is nothing harmful or lethal, but the shock is enough to provide a warning sensation.

However, you can adjust the intensity of the shock depending on how strong or light your dog can handle it.

The entire pet containment system requires a power outlet to function. Its radius reached up to 90 feet in all directions, although it is not strict on the figure.

It takes less than two hours to set-up, and you do not have to install or bury a wire stake, so it is easy to prepare. Following the set-up, you only need to determine the “safe pet area” with the boundary flags provided to guide your pet and activate the collar.

This pet containment system is completely safe since it does not instantly shock your dog, but gives a beeping sound first as a warning.

PetSafe recommends users to use the collar on dogs that are at least six months old and know basic training commands. The entire system should be kept away from metal objects, which can affect the range of the boundary.

Features and Benefits

For most dog owners, the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System is a real steal. It allows a radius of 90 feet so your dog can enjoy a vast area for playtime.

It is wireless, so you no longer have to bury a wire on your soils and disrupt your land’s current layout. It is easy to install, which enables you to plug in the transmitter and immediately train your dog.

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The transmitter, collar, and flags are portable so you can set up a different “safe pet area” for your dog. Its collar indicates when the battery is running low and provides a decent shock without hurting your pet.

Moreover, the shock is not continuous and allows a 5-minute interval in between shocks. The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System includes a training guide, so you can start with the training as soon as you have set up the system.


The Pet Containment System allows an easy set-up. You can adjust the boundaries through the boundary adjustment wheel and mark them with the flags provided.

It is also easy to train your dog by following the training instructions included in the PetSafe System. It takes less than a week to train your dog with the whole wireless system. Afterward, you do not have to worry about losing your pet or hearing from an annoyed neighbor.


The replacement parts are expensive especially that the collar can give away after only one year of use. It is recommended that you replace the plastic collar with a metal one (excluding the shock device) to make it sturdier.

The replacement collar costs around $200, so it not that friendly on the pocket. Aside from the collar, the batteries are also expensive. There is no particular length of time when the batteries work.

For some, they work for four months, and for others, they only last for a month. Thus, you would have to stock up on batteries since you never know when they will run out.

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The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System offers excellent features for dog owners who cannot guard their pets all the time. It is a wireless system that does not require any installations, just a simple set up, so it takes less time and effort. The whole system and the boundary flags are portable so you can set them up anywhere you please. The collar provides a decent shock that is enough to teach dogs to stay within the boundaries of your own. On the downside, the replacement collar and the batteries are expensive.