Product Description

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This DIY In-Ground Electric Dog Fence comes with a range of essential tools. First, it has a Digital Transmitter that covers a capacity from a fraction of an acre to 25 acres.

Plus, the digital transmitter allows you to configure the radio frequency or the system functions to avoid interference with any neighboring dog fences.

Second, it has a 1,000-foot fence that you can make use of in your yard. Third, it also comes with a 14-gauge boundary wire that is slicker than any other pet fences.

This product system also comes with a dog shock collar, individually programmed with five correction levels.

The other tools included in the system are twisted wires, a dog fence surge protector, training flags, collar contacts with comfort contact covers, training caps, splice kits, staples and batteries for the collar.

The package includes all necessary tools and materials you need to set up a dog fence, train your dog, and to guarantee the safety of your dogs.

Features and Benefits

The DIY In-Ground Electric Dog Fence comes with a broad range of features. Mainly, it is designed to fit any dog of any shape and size. The wire is heavy duty. The signal strength is excellent too.

The collar has a long strap so you can adjust it for anything from a small to a huge dog. Approximately it can accommodate a neck size up to 26 inches and dogs from eight to 120 pounds.

There is no reason for you to worry about your dog getting the collar wet because the collar is completely waterproof! Your dog can completely submerge it in water up too 10 feet deep, and you don’t have to worry about affecting its functions.

With its digital transmitter, you can add as many dogs as you want on the system, no limit, each with its additional collars.

The DIY In-Ground Electric Dog Fence is customizable. Fit for your style type. It can be set up in any layout design. Either, sided, rectangle, triangle, single loop, double loop, etc.

The DIY In-Ground Electric Dog Fence provides a guaranteed experience. It also comes with a ten-year warranty on the electronics and a lifetime warranty on the eXtreme Dog Fence Wire. Lastly, the product system is made with pride in the USA.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

The DIY In-Ground Electric Dog Fence has everything you are looking for; it has professional equipment and easy installation. An edge that it has over other dog fences system is that it offers all the functions and essential needs of a dog fence.

And its ability to be more than just a dog fence. From setting up a dog fence to training your dog and guaranteeing the safety of your dogs.

The receiver’s collar provides five different adjustable correction levels for your dog. This function helps you find the perfect correction level for your pet.

On the contrary, the receiver collars battery is non-rechargeable which means you have to keep batteries in stock for further replacements.

The receiver’s collar also only provides a couple of warning beeps to the dog, then shocks.

Since the product is U.S made, it works best if used in the U.S. The product itself screams quality and performance.  The wires that come with it is more substantial than most in the market. The twisted cables and surge protectors are of excellent quality.

Hooking the system up is relatively easy.  Setting up requires manual labor since you have to dig a hole, lay the wire in the hole, plug the cable into the box, test collar, bury the wire, and these wires are not only bigger but heavier.

Or you can just hire someone, to do it for you. Regardless, installation is easy as one, two, three. Plus, Signal strength is uniform in every area of the wire, and we have no weak spots, and no interference with other electronics or neighbor’s dog fence.

You will need to buy additional things such as wires, flags or staples if you wish to extend your boundary area to more than an acre. And even collars if you plan on putting more dogs in your fence.

The company has decided to “Go Green” therefore they are no longer providing manuals with each order. But you could always ask them to send you the manual and the DVD link

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The DIY In-Ground Electric Dog Fence is made to suit any dog sizes from small to large. It is known for its ability to keep your dog safe and contained in the perimeter you set and training them all the while.

This system is suitable for pet owners who have or would like to own lots of pets, owners with vast grounds and owners who’d want to keep their dog within their boundaries.

This system is also suitable for pet owners who do not mind non-rechargeable collars for their dogs. Additional purchases may apply to give your dogs the satisfaction and freedom that they need.

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