Product Description

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Having many dogs to manage is a hard thing, especially if you are alone in guarding them. Sometimes because they are too many, you might not be able to keep track of their location so you would not know if they are still safe and wandering around your house or if they have already walked into dangerous streets.

If you have many Dogs, then this Stay + Play wireless fence is the perfect fence system for you.

This wireless fence has been proven to be safe, comfortable and efficient for almost every type of dog who weighs at least 2.3 kg or more. The barrier system has been improved so that the wireless containment range is much larger so dogs can roam freely within a 32-meter radius.

The system is also portable and perfect for people who have a large number of dogs in their homes, and it allows you to add an unlimited number of dogs if you have got additional receiver collars. The system just like other wireless fence does not need you to bury any wire.

The wireless fence system works by communicating with your dogs who are about to go past the perimeter by ringing an audible tone and then by a harmless static for stimulation so that it gets the attention of your pets.

Features and Benefits

The product is very handy and portable; the products dimensions are 8.6 x 7.8 x 10.6 inches making it easy to install. The item is also very light as it only weighs 2 pounds so you can easily transfer it to your home. The shipping weight is only 4.9 lbs.

You don’t need to worry about it not working because it works for dogs who are 2.3 kg, so whether you’ve got a Bichon Frise, a Chow Chow, or a great big Dane you can rest assure that they will learn not to go beyond the fence. So even if you’ve got the all three dogs or even more you won’t have to worry because this wireless fence system allows an unlimited number of dogs to be added.

The product also comes with a rechargeable connection device, a recharging cord, cut to size collar and plenty of flags for your dog’s training.

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Pros and Cons

If you are a busy person who’s also got a lot of busy dogs, then this wireless dog fence system will help you manage your dogs. Moreover, it will help you save time because with this wireless dog fence system from PetSafe your pets will stay around your fence, so no more going around your whole neighborhood or visiting the pound to look for any of your missing pet or pets.

The quality of the product is also secured and reliable, it comes packaged as a brand new product, and its instruction manual is also great at giving directions, and it contains every detail you need to know about the product.

With this product, your dog won’t be chasing any more running deer or visiting your neighbor’s dogs. You can buy another transmitter to expand your dog’s area. The instruction manual will give you directions on how to install this system.

However, if you are not one who is too techy or to great at fixing things, then you won’t have to worry because this stay + play wireless fence system from PetSafe has a service option that allows you to choose whether you want the product to be installed with or without an expert.

With the expert installation, no more sloppy DIY’s because an expert will be the one to bury the customer-supplied electric fence pet. It will also be buried up to 4 inches deep; just enough for your pet to not dig a deep enough pit and enough, so the signals will be received by the transmitter.

The expert will also be the one to connect the buried wire and transceiver to an existing power source in your home. Two collar transmitters will be set up, and the functionality of the product will be tested.

However, expert installation cost almost twice as much as the product. So, if you want to save money, then you better start training your hands to do the manual installation.

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If you want a good wireless fence that can handle a large capacity of dogs, then this one is perfect for you. Though it is a bit pricey, you will surely be able to have your money’s worth.