Keeping your pet safe within your home is a tough job especially if your pet is a playful one. However, even within the safety of your house, there are things and areas that you would rather your cat or dog would not touch.

Wire pet barriers can take a lot of time and effort to set up while wireless pet barriers can be bulky and take up much space.

Why not opt for something that is more convenient and also a lot cheaper like the PetSafe PawzAway Pet Barrier? Read this PetSafe PawzAway Pet Barrier Review to learn more.

Product Description

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The PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barrier is pretty unique from other pet barriers that you will see in the market because of its variations in sets.

It has the PawzAway Indoor Pet Barrier, the PawzAway Mini Pet Barrier, the PawzAway Outdoor Pet Barrier, and the PawzAway Threshold Pet Barrier.

PawzAway prevents your dog from ruining your garden, landscape, furniture, or other household materials by using a Barrier Transmitter that has different designs. The creative designs blend in effortlessly with its surroundings.

It comes in a threshold design or a rock imitation. This Barrier Transmitter is portable so that you can place it anywhere conveniently.

PetSafe PawzAway Pet Barrier is specially designed to teach your pets to avoid certain areas in your house and not to isolate them or prevent them from walking around your area. You can create a custom shaped barrier up to 150 feet of boundary wire, which you can buy separately.

Features and Benefits

The PetSafe PawzAway Pet Barrier is a uniquely designed pet barrier that comes with a Barrier Transmitter and a receiving collar. There are four kinds of PawzAway Pet Barriers you can choose from depending on what you need for your pet.

The PawzAway Indoor Pet Barrier is an indoor pet barrier that protects an area from 2 to 12 feet in diameter.

The PawzAway Mini Pet Barrier can protect up to 5 feet in diameter. PawzAway Outdoor Pet Barrier surrounds an area of 16 feet in diameter. Lastly, the PawzAway Threshold Pet Barrier looks like a white patch that you can stick on the floor, on furniture, or on the steps of a staircase.

Each PetSafe PawzAway Pet Barrier has different battery life spans and barrier capacity. They are also uniquely designed to cater to all sizes of pets. Their primary purpose is to keep your dogs away from certain areas that are sensitive to playful movement. This includes the kitchen, the bedroom, the stairwell, the garden, or the pool.

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Pros and Cons

Users love this unique pet barrier for its portability and its flexibility in usage. You can place it anywhere you want without hindering your pet from playing around your house, indoors or outdoors.

Your pet should be free to roam around as long as you can secure a particular area like your bedroom or the kitchen counter. The rock design blends in well with your garden, especially if your cat or dog frequently plays with your plants.

The indoor pet barrier is a small round of barrier in a white color that makes it blend in easily with your things. It also does not look bulky or loud, so it does not ruin your house’s aesthetics.

Make sure that the receiving collar fits your pet well, or it might destroy the barrier’s purpose. Without an excellent fit, the static shock would not be as apparent, so make sure that you securely lock the collar on your pet’s neck.

You also cannot keep the receiving collar on your pet for too long because of the stud design. PetSafe PawzAway Pet Barrier has a reputable system that allows your pet to quickly learn how the pet barrier works, so you do not need to use it on your pet all the time.


The PetSafe PawsAway Pet Barrier has unique designs that would fit your personal preference and your pet’s needs. You can choose among the rock model, the electronic barrier in a white patch, or the white circular barrier, depending on which is the most convenient device for your home.

There is no need to set up or install the pet barriers, so you can immediately use them out of the box. They are also portable, so you do not have to fix them in one spot.