A wireless barrier system comes to everybody’s home for multiple outdoor and indoor areas. PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers Pet Proofing for Cats and Dogs works for protection and prevention. It is designed by professionals to keep pets away from the prohibited areas. There is no installation needed. The system includes one cordless zone transmitter, one operating and training guide, and a receiver collar. For the system to function, these are required. The transmitter/barrier varies on the range. It may be for smaller or bigger.

Features and Benefits

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The system features a progressive static correction that starts at the lowest level and increases to a maximum in 3 seconds. It has a quick and easy wireless option that protects areas up to 8 ft. radius from barrier transmitter. Just place the zone transmitter where you want to keep off your dog or cat. Your pet’s receiver collar will deliver an audible tone followed by stimulation. The stimulation will increase the closer it gets to the transmitter.

Pros and Cons

In using the product, you may experience misfit on your pet’s collar. Interchanging the dog and cat’s collar might not be suitable for both the pets. The dog’s collar may be too large for the cat especially if the latter is a petite one. Collars might also affect your pet’s skin for wearing 24/7. It may cause skin irritation. Before purchasing, there are specifications on every collar that may help you to avoid misfit.

You may also experience a malfunction. Collars do not work correctly if the fur is thick. Both probes must touch the skin simultaneously to deliver stimulation. Trimming (not shaving) the hair/fur of our pets if it is too much thick, is suggested. However, still, there are cases that trimming does not work that you need to shave completely. If the barrier system is not set to the appropriate mode, the system may also not work.

Some dogs might train quickly, and others quickly learn to stay out of this. This system might not work if your dog learns that if they just deal with it for a short time, it would stop. The inconsistency of the signal pick up may also occur. You might find dead spots within the range you tested. You might even consider the shock as sufficient enough to be inhumane for the animals. However, it comes with a tester so that you do not accidentally shock yourself.

Anyhow, the product works more as advertised. It is effortless to set up, no wires, and no installation needed. Very easy and convenient. For some dogs, it may quickly teach them where they are not allowed to go. The collars are adjustable as it sizes to any pet. The transmitter can be set for an area from two feet to twelve feet in diameter.

With this, if you have stubborn pets, you will not stress yourself anymore in scolding them. The shock from the receiver collars itself trains the pet. You may put the zone transmitter anywhere such as the litter box, the trash, the counter, and on the furniture. Dogs and cats sometimes scratch our furniture. They also wore out some clothes and blinds.

Now, the system prevents your dog from damaging and disarranging your things. The system keeps the animals out of the areas you determine. It might be considered as a lifesaver for it resolves pet problems in the house. Aside from the other benefits and advantages, we may get from this system; another is the human-pet relationship it saves. The system reduces the reprimanding moments of the humans towards the domesticated animals. It tends to lessen the unwanted feeling the pets feel every time we scold them.

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In choosing and purchasing this product, you may consider the points above. The item may fail, due to some reasons mentioned such as misfit and malfunctioning. Failure may be due to the product itself or through the misuse and the incompatibility.

The item may also be more of what you have expected. Your pet may be trained through the shocks in just less than 30 minutes. It may become a win-win situation for you and your pet. You may get much time for activities less the training yourself to your pets. You may also get less messy home for the garbage, furniture, and other things at home are not touched by them anymore.