Product Description

Locating and guarding your pet will now be as easy as can be, thanks to IF-275 PetSafe Wireless Fence Receiver and Collar.

With this product, you can now figure out where your pets are without getting any wires involved in the process. It mainly functions as a training gadget to get your dog’s attention regarding your set of rules on particular locations and restricted areas.

Features and Benefits

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The IF-275 PetSafe Wireless Fence Receiver and Collar takes pride in its provision of the three levels of correction that comes in a beep tone, which adds up deterrence.

Aside from being a product to be used in locating your dog, it also serves as a gadget which you can use to train and discipline your dogs as to where their geographical limits are—the ones which you have set for him or her.

Offering the pet owners with three levels of connection and a beep tone, you can train your dog through bodily sensations (brought by the training device itself) that he or she is going to a restricted area or a particular location where safety is not definite.

With the consistent and moderate use of the wireless fence receiver and collar, your pet will be trained to stay where you can watch them or within pronounced safety zones.

For you to utilize this, you must also avail of the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System—particularly the PIF-300, which is sold separately. With these two items, you can already train your pet to know the limits where you will allow him or her to go.

This waterproof and weatherproof product comes in a package consisting of a collar which you will attach to your pet, a receiver and a PetSafe RFA-67 Battery which will ensure that your receiver has sufficient power to work with.

The IF-275 PetSafe Wireless Fence Receiver and Collar will fit medium to large dogs, as long as their neck sizes range from 6 inches up to 28 inches. It comes in a red collar as well as a blue collar. It is not too thick nor too thick with only 2 inches wide and 1 inch long.

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1. It is wireless and does not limit the distance from which you can locate or even train your dog. You don’t have to worry about accidents regarding wires and electricity-triggered incidents.

2. The beep tones and the different levels of correction are effective ways to train your pet since animals can be taught through giving them signals which related to any of their senses. This kind of setup makes it easier for you to tell your dog that going in a specific area is not exactly what you want him to do or repeat to do. Dog owners have already claimed how effective this technique is despite the difficulty faced in the early processes.

3. Its weight of only 2.5 ounces offers your pet more freedom to move around and explore areas. The width and height of the collar receiver, 2 inches and 1 in respectively, is already a n excellent measurement—not too thin to hold the receiver itself and not too thick so as to cover up too much skin and irritate your pet’s fur. It allows your pet’s coat to breathe a little and reduces the risk of him getting choked.


1. The beep tones and bodily sensations given by the receiver and the collar might offer a disadvantage once the product is misused or the process is conducted incorrectly. For example, too much use of the beep tone might make the dog too used to the sound that it does not make sense to him anymore. This defeats the main purpose of this product as it fails to train the dog where to go and where not to go. Also, a misuse of this product might cause trauma to the dog that he will not even attempt to go anywhere but instead just stay somewhere he thinks is safe.

2. Despite the high quality it offers, the IF-275 PetSafe Wireless Fence Receiver and Collar might be considerably expensive for any wireless fence receiver.

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As most pet training devices are slowly becoming wireless, the IF-275 PetSafe Wireless Fence Receiver and Collar already offers an off-the-charts quality and functionality that you and your pet will surely benefit.

Despite the danger posed by the first con of this product, you can still find your way in making its possible through your pet dog.With the comfort, guaranteed effectiveness, proper and consistent use of the IF-275 PetSafe Wireless Fence Receiver and Collar, your pet is guaranteed to be aware and eventually obey to your safe location signals. The IF-275 PetSafe Wireless Fence Receiver and Collar already gives its users a jumpstart on training their dogs for obedience and awareness of particular signals which they want to be followed.