Pets and their owners are in for another efficient equipment that will help them in their training with PetSafe In-Ground Fence Receiver Collars for Cats and Dogs, Waterproof, Tone and Static Correction. With its advanced technology and flexible features, disciplining dogs and cats will be an easier and more effective task.

Features and Benefits

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With the PetSafe In-Ground Fence Receiver Collars for Cats and Dogs, you can keep as many pets as you can under the same dog fence system. Being a supplementary locating device, this receiver-collar works to add more pets in your yard. This receiver-collar is compatible with any PetSafe In-Ground Systems, excluding YardMax and UltraSmart. For the excluded systems, users may opt to buy other receiver-collars which are compatible.

As for its charging matters, there are three highlights that make it a good find for pet owners.First, is that it has a long battery life despite its short charging time. To reach its optimum battery capacity, users just have to charge it for a good 2-3 hours. After that charging time, users can already utilize the battery for approximately 2 months, depending on use. Second, battery highlight is that it has two plug receiver collar chargers that allow the users to charge two collars at the same time.

Last but not the least, is the Low Battery Indicator. With the help of this feature, users will immediately receive notifications that the battery had hit a critically low level. This helps in letting the author know when it is already time to recharge the batteries and make pet training more efficient.

Aside from these battery features, users can also utilize the receiver-collars’ waterproof feature. As for its correction features, the users can operate on four levels and a tone-only correction. The fit for the dog or the cat is not a problem since it fits the majority of pets. The sizes that are covered by this receiver-collar are particularly those weighing 5 pounds and up and with neck sizes measuring 6-26 inches.

This product also comes in different variants such as the cat collar, elite little dog collar, rechargeable collar, stubborn dog collar and ultralight collar. These variants set each apart from the other through the style, design, and collar. Each of these variants differs in prices, as indicated on the official website.

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  1. The waterproof feature is helpful in keeping your pet safe. Pets’ locations are sometimes filled with water puddles, this feature will keep him/her away from potential and unnecessary electric shocks. This will also serve as a benefit to users once the sunny weather changes into a rainy one.
  2. Having a two-plug receiver collar charger is rare in the market. This feature is helpful in a way that it saves time for the user whenever the need to charge the collar rises. Instead of charging two batteries at two different occasions and occupy different outlets, they can charge two at once. People with many pets to put under the same surveillance system are those who will greatly benefit from this feature.
  3. Four levels of correction and tone already offer a variety of options for the user to discipline the pet. From these four levels, users can already adjust it to what will be most suitable and effective for their pet. Having the tone is also an asset of this product in correcting the pet, since it gives a preliminary on warning the pet. It is beneficial since there are other dogs who might already find the minimum level too much to handle.


  1. Having two collars that can be charged at once can also pose a disadvantage for the user. Since you are trying to support two devices, the amount of consumed electricity also increases. If left unattended, overcharging might not just be the problem—overheating as well.
  2. Having too many of these collars under the same surveillance system can cause malfunction to the system. Though it promises to keep many pets in the same area, keep in mind that the machine has limits. The system may be able to keep them all in but not in its optimum level anymore as problems may already arise.

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The PetSafe In-Ground Fence Receiver Collars for Cats and Dogs is a highly-recommendable product for those who own many pets. Not only is this product for pet owners with many pets but also for those who want the best for their pet’s security and discipline.

With the multiple and varied correction levels and methods and battery advantages, users will find convenience using this product. The disadvantage of these products are at the hands of the users—whether they’d allow it to happen or not. This means that these instances are preventable at certain extents, making it less of a problem to face.

Also, with the advantages offered by this collar, users are sure to get the most of what they have paid for.Pets are also at an advantage using this product since their safety and comfort is still a priority along with the training and discipline.