Product Description

The PetSafe Collar-PS-PIF27519 Wireless Fence Extra Receiver is a new product creating a buzz in the pet owners’ community with its high-quality signal receptor and the excellent functionality it gives.

Features and Benefits

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PetSafe Collar-PS-PIF27519 Wireless Fence Extra Receiver is a product intended for use with its compatible systems such as PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System (which includes the PIF-300 system with the IF-100 transmitter) as well as Stay+Play Wireless Fence® (PIF00-12917).

For you to experience its optimum performance, you must have any of the given containment and fencing packages available and accessible.

This receiver is also characterized by five levels of adjustable static correction, which you will find very helpful in training your pet to stay within safe perimeters.

With these adjustable static correction levels, you can make necessary changes for any signal you should send your dog (through beep tones and bodily sensations) to tell him or her that she is no longer allowed to roam around any area—which you can adjust according to the obedience, flexibility, and sensitivity of your pet.

Along with its waterproof feature, the PetSafe Collar-PS-PIF27519 Wireless Fence Extra Receiver is also a very flexible item to have for your pet as the sizes a fit for most dogs with its length measuring 6 inches at a minimum and 28 inches at maximum. It is also suitable for dogs which weigh somewhere around 8 lbs.

You can guarantee that this receiver can still function even if submerged under five feet of water. You also do not have to sweat about its weight around your pet’s neck as it only weighs 3.5 oz., even if you count the strap itself in.

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1. It is quite flexible as it works not only with the PetSafe brand but also with Stay+Play products as well. No need to switch brands just for you to make use of the PetSafe Collar-PS-PIF27519 Wireless Fence Extra Receiver.

2. Most of the straps of receivers like this only measure up to 26 inches at maximum. This feature will be beneficial for any pet owner whose furry pal has a neck size bigger than the usual. Weighing only 3.5 oz., you need not worry about your pet getting choked or being unable move freely and without much constraints. The length and width of the strap is already enough to hold the receiver but not too thick to cover too much and irritate your pet’s fur and limit his movements as well.

3. More adjustable levels of static correction mean more variations in levels which you want to use to signal your pet dog. If your dog is a bit weak to handle too many static corrections, you have the option to keep it at a minimum and choose to increase levels once your pet gets used to that level of static correction. You also have the option to start immediately at the middle levels once you think that your pet can handle that level of static correction.

4. With its simple mechanisms, even a pet owner new to this kind of system will find it easy to navigate and work with this item in just a short period.


1. The product comes in only one color of strap–red, which may put you at a disadvantage if you have too many pets who will wear this. You have no way of immediately identifying which pet owns which receiver since it only has one color. This will require you to craft your own way of identifying a strap to a pet. Not exactly recommendable for those who look for a kind of visual appeal and functionality rolled into one item.

2. The five levels of static correction might also offer a disadvantage. Unlike if you only have, say for example 3 levels of static correction levels, you can make your dog used to a specific level whether your pet can handle it or not and make him more obedient to your training. Too many adjustments offered to the dog might reduce his or her tendencies to obey according to the signals you send.

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With its excellent reviews, very helpful pros and very minimal (not to mention avoidable and adjustable) cons, this product certainly gives its customers exactly what it had guaranteed to provide, and on top of that, offers comfort for the pet who will utilize this material.

The PetSafe Collar-PS-PIF27519 Wireless Fence Extra Receiver is highly recommended for those looking for a good training material for your dog and hardly want to talk and instruct too much.

The excellent signal receptors serve well as training your dog without you having to exert effort giving verbal and bodily instructions to your dog, thus giving you more time to do other things apart from training your dog where it is safe to stay and where he or she should avoid roaming around.