The Pet safe Basic-In Ground Fence contains pets in the backyards providing a system that is safe and secure. It requires an installation of a transmitter, wires, and other accessories around the yard. It trains your pets to learn their new boundaries.

The pets are required to wear a collar for the functionality of the transmission processes. The collars receive signals from the wires, and the collars relay warning signals to the pets. For an unlimited number of pets to contain in this In-Ground fence, purchasing an additional collar for each pet would be possible.

Features and Benefits

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This In-Ground Fence features safe, customizable, and expandable fence to contain pets. The system includes lightweight receiver collar designed for dogs over 8 lb. with neck sizes from 6b to 26 inches. It also features an adjustable, waterproof receiver collar that has four levels of static correction plus tone-only mode for training.

It has a low battery indicator that has the battery life of 1-2 months depending on the use. Count on the easy to install an RFA-67 battery. You can create additional keep-out areas or boundaries anywhere in your area where your pets are prohibited to go.

The system includes surge protector to keep it away from surges or spikes which may damage the electronic in-ground fence.

Pros and Cons

Installing the system in your backyards or elsewhere around your area includes pluses and minuses you need to consider. A plus for the installation of the system for it is easy and. It will only take you less than a day to install, but that is dependent upon the area where you will be installing it. The fence is easy to expand. It could cover up to 1/3 of an acre up to 5 acres or more with additional accessories that are good-well worth the price.

You may experience hassle if you are not able to map the area you want to have your fence set up. And it can get quite confusing if you’re going to block off multiple regions. One must be careful not to cut the wires since the wires are quite fragile. Maybe with different wiring, thicker would be better. There are times it’s painful to install if you don’t have a simple square garden, but it works great.

With it, dogs may no longer wander to neighbors or anywhere they are prohibited to go. No more escaping and no more running out into traffic anymore.  The dogs, on the other hand, are trained more easily. Some dogs get trained for at most two days. The dogs respect the lines for the most part, but there are times when a neighbor talks to the one or the owner leaves the boundary, the dogs will run through it.

And it seems it does not work because the dog will twitch a little and the dog just doesn’t care. But a situation like this is dependent upon the type of the dog. For the tied dogs, it may give them more freedom or at least the illusion.

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The receiver collar is adjustable, and it almost fits all sized pets. Just make sure it’s not too tight, or it can rub against the skin and irritate it. Collars are rechargeable instead of having to buy batteries. But collars are a bit pricey.

There are times that for some other dogs, warning sounds from the collars are too soft and very hard for the animal to hear; therefore, you may experience relying on the shock and flag recognition for training. The system is safe, practical, and very easy and convenient to use. It allows the owners plenty of time to relax or do other activities while keeping the pets close to the house.

Some factors affect the performance of a particular product. One is the user-factor wherein users or buyers may not have read the manual carefully first before installing. It may be the reason for some glitches and misuse. The other one is the quality of the product itself, not considered to be high, and its compatibility. Say, for example, the type of dog should be considered in the first place because dogs are different.

Some dogs are difficult to train through this system, and there are others that are the opposite. Another example would be the area for the installation. There are some areas on the backyards that are quite hard to set up especially if you will be blocking multiple areas. Unlike for a square installation of the fence, that is quite easy.


To sum it up, you review your situation first. If you’re tired enough of scolding your dog for doing things they should not, this system would be an alternative. If you think this could easily train your dog, then this might save you from teaching them yourself.  If it is your preference to have an easy-to-setup fence, then this product is for you.