Product Description

The Pet Control HQ dog fence is currently unavailable. We recommend the SportDOG fencing system instead.

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Every loving pet owner will worry about the safety of its pet, and of course for them to keep their pet safe they will need to discipline and train their dog to behave. This Combo electric dog fence system from Pet Control HQ is perfect for any kind of dog.

It’s got a safe and efficient containment system that comes with a remote for aiding the dog training system process and control any nuisance behavior.

It also comes with a waterproof and rechargeable collar. The boundary wire for this product is also customizable depending on your location and what shape you want the area your dog can roam freely in.

The product also allows you to train two to three dogs simultaneously and the receiver collars are also adjustable depending on the size of the neck of your dogs.

Features and Benefits

This Combo electric dog fence system comes with plenty of items that contains a variety of features that will help aid in the safety of your dogs.

This product has two options for you, it can either come with collar receivers enough for two dogs, or it will arrive on your doorstep with enough collars for three dogs.

This Dog fence system collar, unlike other products, can be controlled through a remote, it can be used as both an electric dog fence system that will help contain your dog and as a pet training system.

The collar is also a hundred percent waterproof so your dog can roll and play within the boundaries despite a rainy weather, it is also rechargeable so you can save a bit of money from the cost of batteries and adjustable to fit the necks of dogs that are within 8 and 27 inches.

The collar receiver has three progressive levels of static correction and its got a remote trainer feature that has ten levels of vibration and static correction.

The wire inside the package is a 492ft of 13-gauge boundary wire, and it will help define and set the limits so your dog can roam around and it can be customized according to your landscape.

Though it is not completely wireless, you don’t have to worry because you won’t need to exert any effort in burying the wires because it’s not necessary. Just place the wire on the ground or mount it on an existing fence that isn’t made of any metal related material.

Also included in the package is a USB power adaptor, a power plug, training flags, boundary wire connectors and a step-by-step training guide. This product will enable you to train your dogs together. This product can get quite pricey but with its features and benefits, that’s three for the price of one.

Pros and Cons

The product works very well, and it’s got simple instructions that you can quickly follow for manual installation. It is also very convenient for training because of its features, especially since the vibration levels can be set from 1 to 10, so that will aid you in training your dogs to know the safe and out of bound zones.

However, despite you being able to save money from changing batteries time to time, its rechargeable batteries need to be charged every two days or sometimes every night because it quickly goes low.

The charger port that the product also comes with can be quite a nuisance because it is only protected by a rubber flap that will make it quite hard to seal up in the charger port.

For some people, the setting up of this product can get you frustrated, so it should be best to call an expert if you have no idea on how to install things like this.

However, don’t fuss too much if you are having any trouble with this product because Pet Control HQ has an awesome customer service that will immediately respond to your concerns and answer your questions.


This Dog fence system contains many items inside its package, and it is mainly meant for owners who have stubborn and hard to train dogs.

The length of the wire is designed so that you will be able to train your pets in an enormous closed area without being afraid of their safety or them running off beyond your fence.

This product isn’t completely hassle-free, but the effort in installing it will be worth it because aside from keeping your best furry buddies safe you also get to enhance your fixing and building skills.

If you have got any troubles with the product along the way you can easily contact customer service and if any kinks fall out of place, don’t worry because this product comes with a 12 months’ manufacturer’s warranty.