Equipped with the best-performing technology and materials, the Perimeter Technologies Ultimate Electric Dog Fence promises convenient, long-lasting and effective dog confinement.

Features and Benefits

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Upon purchasing Perimeter Technologies Ultimate Electric Dog Fence, users will avail of a kit with many essential dog confinement items. In the said kit, users will get 5000-feet long 14 Gauge EXTREME Brand Dog Fence Wire and 50-feet-long of 14 Gauge EXTREME Brand twisted Wire.

Aside from these wires, the kit also contains an Advanced Digital Mount Transmitter along with waterproof collar receivers. A set of Long and Short Comfort Contact Probes (per collar) is also provided in the kit, along with another set of probe covers.

As for other additional protection, the kit will also provide a Heavy-Duty Pro-Grade Protector and 10 heavy-duty Sod Staples of the same brand. Last but definitely not the least, the kit contains 20 Waterproof Wire Splices and Wire Nuts and 500 Boundary Training Flags.

As for the number of dogs that the user wants to manage, they can choose any of the 1-5 dog kits. When purchasing online, they have the option to choose among those options and modifications on the package will be made. More collars and collar protectors will be added to the package upon purchase.

These items will give more surprises and wonder to the user once these items work together. The wires, with the help of its protectors, you can guard your dog within 10 acres. If this distance does not seem enough, you can still expand its coverage area through buying additional wires.

As for the fit of these collars, dogs weighing 8-120 lbs. can comfortably utilize this collar. Comfort for the pets as they use the collar is still guaranteed with its lightweight collars. These collars correction come in five levels and multiple frequency selections for the users to choose from. The collar also features a Temperature check and a Wire Check.

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  1. This product comes with a package containing many useful items in the process of confining the dogs. What’s good about these items is that they come with protectors. With the help of these protectors, the lifespan of your confinement device is extended somehow. It protects the wires and other equipment for extreme weather conditions that could destroy the wires. These protectors are guaranteed to keep your wires and other equipment in their best shapes and optimal performance.
  2. Staring off with a minimum of (but considerably very large) 10 acres for coverage, the area can still be expanded. Adding up the coverage area is easy- just buy additional wires and set them up with the working equipment. This will be a beneficial feature for those who want or have large areas for their dogs to play around.
  3. With the pet’s comfort being a top priority, this confinement system has excellent collars to do so. It weighs lightly enough so as not to hinder the dog’s free movement and breathing. Also, the collars offer a flexible set of options for the owners to discipline the pets. They have five levels of correction to choose from and can even adjust the intensity of each. This will serve well for those who have stubborn pets or very weak ones.
  4. Another convenient feature of this item is that you can already buy multiple collars in one purchase. All that it takes is a click of the number of dogs and specific changes will be made. This will save users the time and payment, as there will be no more additional shipping payment for additional collars.


  1. Given that this product inevitable operates with wires, the set up will also inevitably be time-consuming. On top of that, the protectors involved will add up to the time you will have to give to set up. And with the wires getting in the process, it is also inevitable that recurring nuisances in wired fences will occur. This process will also have to mean inconvenience in extending its coverage area.
  2. With the package having too many kinds of wires, the process of setting this up could be time-consuming as well. On top of that, it could also be complicated for a beginner to start with. The collar protectors are also a disadvantage since it adds up weight to the collar. With an added weight to the collar, the pet might be hindered from moving freely and with fewer obstacles. Another harm that this could pose is the possibility of it getting choked if unfortunate circumstances happen.

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This product will be useful for those owning too many pets and/or a large area. With its flexible purchasing options and its assorted items that can be used, users will find it convenient having this collar-receiver. It does not put a limit on how many pets can be placed under the same surveillance as well as on how far and wide you can let your dogs play.