Product Description

Invisible Fence® R21 Compatible Dog Fence Collar is an invisible fencing device that shines in the market with its practical and useful features that guarantee good signal reception regardless of the pet’s orientation. With this product being very functional and easy-to-use, it had been brought frequently to the point where only limited stocks remain.

Features and Benefits

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Invisible Fence® R21 Compatible Dog Fence Collar boasts of its patented three antenna as well as its omni-direction design, which enables the pet owner to track the pet more easily, whatever the pet’s orientation to the fence is.

Invisible Fence® R21 Compatible Dog Fence Collar is compatible with ICT-700 which includes ICT-700, ICT-725 and ICT-750 fences. Aside from that, Invisible Fence® R21 Compatible Dog Fence Collar serves as a replacement for the Invisible Fence brand R21 collar.

Upon purchasing this item, you will also avail of comfort contacts, which will make its prominent feature possible—letting you, the owner, track your furry pal regardless of his or her orientation to the fence. The product comes at different prices, each according to its size.

Another practical feature of this fence collar is that it has a waterproof collar receiver and uses the usual 6v-powered Perimeter replacement battery.

Despite these heavy-duty functions, the Invisible Fence® R21 Compatible Dog Fence Collar maintains its well-loved feature of being lightweight, thus allowing the dog to move around freely and without worrying about or putting him in danger of getting choked because of the fencing collar’s weight.

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1. With this invisible fence collar product registering your pet’s location and securing them however you have oriented them, you will find it very convenient to use. You will have your pet’s location and guard them without having to worry if you have “oriented” them correctly with the fencing collar or not.

2. Despite this product being a replacement for another product, it still bears a feature that was well-loved by many pet owners who had availed the latter—its waterproof feature. Having this characteristic, you can locate your pet even after he or she got wet after playing in the rain or simply playing with puddles and not even worry whether your pet’s fencing collar will still function or not.

3. Aside from the waterproof feature, you will also see traces of its previous product through its battery. Just like the replaced one, it also works on the 6v battery provided upon purchasing the replaced fencing collar. You may also avail of the batteries when you buy the Invisible Fence® R21 Compatible Dog Fence Collar itself.

4. Since the prices differ according to sizes, you have a wide array of option in terms of budget and can help you save money, if you happen to have a small pet needing smaller fencing collars. Also, the variation of the sizes is helpful for any pet owner, as you can pick a fencing collar that needs minimal adjustments or sometimes, even no adjustments at all.

5. If you already have been a user of any product related to this one, you will find yourselves enjoying not just the money you save, but also the time you save—no more online or actual ordering required and of course, no more waiting for the item to be delivered. In line with that, your familiarity with the use of the previous products is also helpful, given the similarities of this product


1. Though the sizes of the collar vary, the only maximum length of the collar is only 26 inches. This size is generic for most dogs, however, if your dog happens to have a neck which requires a strap larger than 26 inches, then you might have a problem.

2. Another struggle you might encounter with this product is that it detaches easily. It might slip off from your pet’s neck and affect the signal reception you have. You might want to come up with your preferred way on how you can secure the attachment of this invisible fencing collar around your pet’s neck.

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Once again, Perimeter had amazed its customers and outshined their competitors in the market with this product. Coming up with a product with many pros and few cons is considerably genius for a seller and innovator as it is very practical for the customers—whether the usual, new or potential buyers.

With all these listed reasons, you can see now why a whole lot of pet owners are getting themselves their Invisible Fence® R21 Compatible Dog Fence Collar for their pets to the point where fewer and fewer stocks remain available in the market.