Product Description

The Perimeter Technologies Invisible Fence R21 Compatible Dog Fence Collar 10K (Two Pack) exclusively works well with ICT-700 series (ICT-700, ICT-725, ICT-750) fences. Perimeter Technologies has designed an efficient alternative to the once exclusive Invisible Fence® R21 Fence dog fence collar.

The product allows you to add a new pet to your existing invisible containment system. The other collar is completely waterproof and has two kinds of frequency; 7k and 10k you just have to check your transmitter to determine which frequency is compatible with your needs.

Features and Benefits

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Their collars come with patented rubber comfort contacts assuring you of your pet’s added comfort and safety. The collars are lightweight making it one of the lightest dog receivers available. It is easy to carry anywhere and very easy to assemble.

The product is made in the USA and of good quality. The collars are waterproof which is convenient for both you and your pets having them allowed to play in damp areas. The adjustable frequency lets you have control over the system and enables you to initiate your desired level.

The alarm of these dog fence collars beeps louder, making it easier for your dogs to hear. With louder beeps, your dogs will be frightened more accurately and immediately without delays and barriers.

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Pros and Cons

The Perimeter Technologies Invisible Fence R21 Compatible Dog Fence Collar 10K (Two Pack) is a great replacement for the previous collars that died. The product is good and did what it was supposed to do.

Your pets could freely express and play as much as they want without you worrying about them crossing the assigned line. The collars have louder buzzes improving safety. It gives no trouble at all, and it has an adjustable collar that works well with any kinds of dogs especially puppies.

Pets that run across neighbors’ fences are efficiently corrected by this product. It works well with any dogs. Your puppy will surely learn right away. Each collar comes with batteries and rubber caps that can be inserted over the steel contacts to provide comfort to the animal wearing the collar.

Before the arrival of your order rubber pods are also available, this is used in initial training when you do not want to shock your dog but just wants him to hear the sound of the warning tone. The rubber pods are meant to be removed after training.

However, the dog fence collars are not compatible with all invisible dog fences. The product is exclusive to the mentioned series earlier. New batteries sometimes do not work with the collar.

It does not have same batteries as the former system receivers you had. The product only lasts for a year or two in some cases. In order, it is essential that you know the frequency that will work well with your fence otherwise the new collars will not work.

The collar is too thick that it sits just above or high off the dog’s neck. The strap is too long and had to be connected to the collar to avoid disturbances to your pets. The screw sealing the battery is quite tricky and not convenient.

The battery units of the product have the electrodes located closer together making it hard to fit your dogs’ previous battery slot. This unit needs to be close or with a maximum of 18″-24″ to the electric fence wire for the alarm to activate and ring.

Sometimes, your dogs can just walk out, without an alarm. It is not as sturdy as the Invisible fence model; it sometimes beeps instead of vibrating which makes it inconsistent in warning your pets. Dogs like golden retrievers just ignore the audio emitted.

Your dog will just stop for a moment but then will still go out of parameters. The collar would signal your dog before the flags and then it will have a delay which gives your pets a tremendous opportunity to run across without being corrected. It does not accommodate every fence. Issues will be addressed at once.

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The Perimeter Technologies Invisible Fence R21 Compatible Dog Fence Collar 10K (Two Pack) works best with ICT-1700. Although these collars are used for substitution, troubles with batteries can be encountered which can be solved by buying the batteries that will suit the new product.

The product follows the parameters you have set previously but sometimes have lapses that need to be fixed to avoid hurting your pets. These collars are totally adjustable for convenience, however, too small puppies might have trouble because of the excess strap, but this issue can be solved by connecting the extra strap to the collar.

The Perimeter Technologies Invisible Fence R21 Compatible Dog Fence Collar 10K (Two Pack) is recommended for those who needs extra collars for their fences with frequencies 7k and 10k. Choose the right frequency for the maximum function of the product.