Product Description

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Comfort Contact Extra Receiver Collar includes medium comfort contacts and is made in the USA.

The additional receiver is waterproof and has a light weight allowing your dogs to maximize their leisure time and making it comfortable to carry around in vacations, camps or just a walk to the next block.

Containment systems can accommodate 2 or more collars, If you wish to install and watch over two dogs or more inside the set perimeter of your Perimeter Technologies Containment systems, you must purchase an additional collar to get your work done.

Features and Benefits

The Comfort Contact Extra Receiver Collar is incredible and it contains extra receiver collars that is helpful especially in handling multiple pets. The receivers work well and will alarm your dog immediately if your pet is fast approaching the boundary. The security makes enough space for your pets to enjoy their outdoor activities and gives relief to pet owners.

The collars work well with small or big dogs. You just need to adjust it to the desired size. Perimeter Technologies have batteries that are long-lasting. It can reach for more than two months. The collar is not bulky unlike other collars and does its job well.

The product is an excellent substitute or replacement for your pet containment system; this product can be a sort of replacement that works just as well. This system keeps your dog in the yard and is much easier to install than a physical fence.

Pros and Cons

The product design is authentic and timely. The system is safe, and your dog never has to go near the fence.

This product is waterproof, great fit on any sizes has a loud tone to ensure security over your pets, status light that is conveniently portable and batteries do not fall out easily.

This product requires No synchronizing with the receiver or box, just install the batteries and you are done. The perimeter technology is adequately compatible with systems you have installed.

However, It has a poor design. Just make sure to take collars off when not in use or time for bed, and your pets are in a secure area like for example, inside your locked house.

The alarm sometimes does not frighten your pets even if they already cross the boundary. This event can happen for dogs weighing 40 lbs or more. Proper installment and enforcement of instructions are suggested.

The LED does not interact with the system. The shock was faint even when it is set to the highest level that it do not alarm pets anymore. The perimeter technology is Nowhere near and as effective compared the original collar that came with the system. The batteries only last for two to three weeks and break after a while.

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If you need a replacement receiver for your Invisible Fence containment system collars, this product will work the best as a substitute. They are compatible and work just the same as the originals. The product works as you expected. The extra receiver collar sometimes cannot withstand your previous collar; proper instructions might help.