Product Description

Secure and train your pet at the same time with the In-Ground Electric Pet Containment System, Waterproof Wireless Electric Dog Fence System with Dog Shock Collar, Receiver.

The system is easy to set up because the boundary wire is a hundred percent customizable and you can enlarge the area of containment by additional wires and flags. It is expandable for up to 10 acres. The wire acts as an antenna that deploys signal to the receiver for your pets to know the boundaries that have been set.

Features and Benefits

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This system provides safety and a good process of orienting and training your pets. The signal emitted by the collar is painless but at the same time informs your pet adequately.

The system includes a universal remote control that helps your dog’s correct Barking and Walking. It also carries out the basic leash training, sitting lessons, aggression, and other behavioral obedience.

Its collar is waterproof (IPX7 Rated) and flexible, it fits small, medium, large to extra-large dogs that range from sizes of about 8 inches to 27 inches and weight of about 11 to 54 pounds.

The collar has three adjustable levels ranging from vibration then beep and lastly, static shock giving you total control for the training of your pets. The collar’s controller is convenient and safe, painless, and efficient. The system also allows much training of dogs simultaneously (maximum of three).

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Pros and Cons

Having a remote control allows you to train in areas without an electric fence conveniently. Plus, it is easy to install, following the user’s manual which is easy to understand. You can either bury or just install it above the ground.

The system provides you with enough wired fro your needs. The system comes with a complete set that gets the job done safely for you and your pets. The transmitter emits a signal to the collar receiver indicating your dogs that they are on the boundary line. This way, your pets will know their limits on the area and keep them in the running to open roads and places you do not want them to be.

The collar is flexible and adjustable around your pet’s neck assuring you of their comfort. It is also rechargeable and waterproof expanding your dog’s possible activities inside perimeters.

You get a remote control with the various amount of functions and also a box that allows you to control the settings. The remote works well giving you complete control of the system. This product will avoid the hassle of a leash or a chain. Your dog will feel free playing in your backyard and at the same time safe from the dangers of a busy road if you live near a fairly busy street.

The flags are advantages as well; the colors serve as a cue for them to know that they are almost past vicinity. Your pets will learn the set boundaries quickly and with no hard feelings at all.

The system also provides enough supply of wire along with some additional products that comply and helped in the convenience and assist in the practical training of your pets. It works all year round regardless of the season changing. The cable wire is heavy gauge coated ensuring you of its long-term service.

However, the collar warns the dog even if they are nowhere near the boundary. The collar also has a little battery life so you would need to purchase extra batteries or charge at least two times a day.

Packages also come with parts that are unsatisfying to pet owners. There are systems sold without a remote; you will have to purchase a remote separately to avail one.

The specs have malfunctions, but the system works okay. The provided wire can not be enough in some instances which require you to purchase additional cables to avoid shortening your scope. In cases of system issues, a satisfactory solution is always provided in a place, and preventable measures are introduced.

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This containment system gives you wide possibilities to choose from. The systems have levels that would allow you to impose your desired style of training your pets. This system can be buried to avoid your pets from dismantling it if ever placed on a vulnerable and visible place. The remote allows you to impose security further.

The collar uses beeping, vibration and static shock without harming your pets. The signals are controllable and safe. It will keep your pet from running away and gives them signal if ever they go past the boundaries. Your pet will learn the limits and remember it. After installation, your pets can enjoy their new and safe activity area.

With the extra features, you and your pet will have new doors to open in the context of safety and training. This product will be an aid in achieving your training goals for your pets.