With technology present in nearly everything today, an improved dog fencing equipment is no longer a surprise. With this advancement, it is also essential to know the conditions that come along with it.

Potential dangers of In-Ground Fence Installation

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Before the appearance of wireless dog fences, there were in-ground fence dogs. However, many risks come along with such products.One of the things that make people choose wireless dog fences is the convenience it offers. In using in-ground dog fences, you will have to dig not just an inch down the ground, but six inches.

Digging six inches below poses dangers are vital underground connections and systems are also there. These connections include the electric wires and water pipes that could be destroyed by digging and installing. Ruining or incorrect touching of these water pipes and electric cables will make you spend a significant amount of money.

You can remedy this problem through familiarization of the area through underground maps. However, knowledge of the wires underground is not enough. You cannot also rely on self-installing the in-ground fence, as it will be risky.

You can still work your way out with the help of a professional, but risks are always there, and you will have to pay for that service. As this gradually becomes a trend, many are curious about how much does a wireless invisible dog fence cost.

Pros of paying for Invisible or Electric Fence Installation

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If you are the kind to stick with the old ways, you can spend on a professional to install your electric dog fence.Upon doing so, you are assured of the following pros:

Alleviate (but not eliminate) Risks

Having the aid of a skilled professional lessens the risk of unintentionally tapping and ruining underground wires and pipes. Another threat that can be prevented is the risk of getting electrocuted. Since the skilled personnel is the one doing the task, you can be assured that the wires of the fence are appropriately placed.

Also, you can be secured that there will be no electrical surges that can harm anybody. The professional installer will do this by connecting your in-ground fence to your home electric system’s grounding rod.

Expert Mapping

Aside from the skill in installing, your professional installer will also have access to vital data such as underground maps. These maps containing water pipes and electrical wires are essential in the process since this will prevent unnecessary tapping of these lines. Upon having this vital data, your professional installer will help you plan out what you want for the in-ground dog fence.

Immediate Testing

Upon hiring a professional installer to do this particular job, you can immediately test the fencing equipment. This is beneficial since it will let you immediately detect any faults the installation might have and fix it sooner.

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Cons of paying for Invisible or Electric Fence Installation

As everything has a disadvantage, in-ground fences have theirs, too. Most of these are the reasons as to why many prefer wireless dog fences.


This is one of the biggest cons faced by those planning to use in-ground fences are the expenses. You can always opt for the DIY installation kit if you are confident that you have enough skills to do so. However, if you are still a newbie or not that confident with yours, you will have to pay for a professional installer as mentioned. The payment for such professional will cost around thrice of quadruple the price of the DIY kit offered at Amazon.

Dealing with the con

If you wish still wish to opt for an in-ground fence, there are many other ways in which you can alleviate the expenses. You can have half of the work done so that your payment will be reduced to some extent. Accomplish some of the jobs which the professional installer will have to do. This job includes getting the underground utility maps, choosing the fence perimeter, and other stuff.

There may be just one con upon having an in-ground fence, but it bears a heavy burden on the potential customer. Fortunately, with the improvements through technology, these can be dealt with and have the same quality and outcome. This is made possible through wireless invisible dog fences.

With data on how much does a wireless invisible dog fence cost, many are intrigued by it. Not only that, but many are also interested in it due to the convenience it offers. Cons

idering how much does a wireless invisible dog fence cost and how easy it is until you can use it, it is no wonder why many choose these over in-ground fences.

Unlike the in-ground dog fence, the installation is easy. There are no underground maps needed or whatever it is that makes the job tough. The installation will only take 2 hours at maximum. The installation period is much shorter than the time it will consume installing in-ground fences.

As of the moment, there are many wireless invisible dog fences in the market—ranging from different prices and different features.