Dog fencing products have always been in the market in aid of busy owners who would like to keep a close eye on their dogs. However, quality is still always in question and a big factor to consider—particularly with KD661 Wireless Dog Fence No-Wire Pet Containment System.

Features and Benefits

The price of the product varies depending on the dogs you want the system to handle, this wireless fence is easy to install. The package includes an indoor wall-mounted transmitter so you can check up on it.

It also has two rechargeable and waterproof collars that fit dog sizes with necks that range from 8 to 21 inches or 20.32 cm-53.34 cm. Along with the product contains a power adaptor and an adjustable strap.

The range of width goes up to 500 meters with a transmitter that’s 14.8 cm and a receiver that is 6.5 cm. The package size for this product is 30 cm. It comes with a User Manual with instructions written in English to guide the pet owner upon using the product. This offers a more convenient process for the user.

Pros and Cons

This wireless fence system is designed to be reliable, and the features are adjustable to fit your preferences, it is cost-efficient, and this system can easily be purchased on the internet, and it is readily available and easy to install.

Despite the convenience it offers in matters of installment, the product has a lot of aspects to improve on. As made evident by customer reviews, many are not quite satisfied with it. The complaints are mainly on the inconsistency of its performance.

Reviews have it that it goes off in a different level despite setting it up on low prior to using it. With this inconsistency, the safety of your dog might be at stake. He or she might be prone to electric shocks that are too harsh to handle.

In the same way, as the inconsistency comes up, it might cause your pet to run away unguarded. It might not work at times and open up possibilities for your dog running away without an alarm going off.

On top of that, the functions may vary due to other surrounding factors. Factors such as topography and metal things at home affect the performance of this product. This might seem usual to any other fencing guard.

However, in the case of KD661 Wireless Dog Fence No-Wire Pet Containment System, these elements nearly put the product to a complete halt. The transmitters are no longer able to send and redirect signals from the collars connected to it.


This dog fence will help save you a lot of time and money because though it is not as cheap as other wireless dog fences you can be sure that it is an investment.

Unlike a standard fence, you don’t have to spend much money on repainting and rebuilding fences that will wear out after a few months or sometimes even weeks if you have pets that are too active.

However, one must be mindful of the inconsistency found in this product. If the safety of the pet and assurance of its functions are what you are after, then you should think twice about this product.

What We Recommend

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For a better experience in guarding your dogs, there is one product that you could try. PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System offers itself available in the market.

With excellent reviews from customers and the quality assurance, you are in for a good wireless dog fencing product.

The basics that most customers are looking for are already in this product. An adjustable collar that also fits many neck size and dog weights is just one. In addition, the system can also manage additional collar (to an unlimited number) and guard more dogs.

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System also mechanize with a wireless boundary. This lessens the burden for you in digging and burying and will only take you 1-2 hours. Also, it has a wide range of coverage, coming with a 1/2 acre boundary. This can even be extended up to 90 feet in all directions.

Another well-loved feature of this product is its portability. This makes it possible for users to bring their pets with them anywhere and guard them at the same time.

In addition to that, the product is also very resistant to natural environmental conditions. So, whether you are taking your dog to your RV or to a campsite or wherever, you can be assured that the quality is consistent.

As for its training features, users can utilize the five levels of correction and tone-only warning. With proper usage partnered with a consistency of this product, your pet will be trained two weeks.

This is one quick matter of time compared to other dog fences in the market. As for its compatibility, you can make this work with Stay + Play Wireless Fence and Stay +Play Wireless Fence receiver collar.

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