Product Description

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The electronic wireless pet fencing system KD-661R is trustworthy and a safe pet fencing product; PetWorld has not changed the unit since absorbing the company. This system is convenient to establish a security zone for your pets and their everyday activities.

Because of the transmitter located in the center, the remote control covers a radius of up to 500 meters and encompasses up to 78 hectares. With this vast amount of space, your pet can enjoy independence and safety along parameters. It keeps your pets from having bounded activities. This product is useful for dog training at home, playtime or even in field trips.

Features and Benefits

A good fencing system is a must for managing pets, especially stubborn and eager ones. The electronic wireless pet fencing system KD-661R has many features and benefits you can enjoy.

It is wireless, and it has no flags allowing you to have an easy setup and fast shut off. It has a circular signal area based on central of the transmitter and a wide remote control range of up to 500 meters ensuring you of wide-range security, larger space enjoyment and it enables your pets to do their activities comfortably.

The Transmitter is rechargeable, and of high battery capacity to make sure it lasts long throughout the day. It also has a waterproof and rechargeable collar receiver opening your pet to full potentiality. This product has 100 levels of adjustable correction to maximize and give you total control. To top it all; it has multiple collar receivers supported by one transmitter, this gives you an opportunity in securing multiple pets at once.

Pros and Cons

It is an advantage that the system is wireless. Another advantage is that it has 100 levels of adjustable correction allowing you to have more options of training your pets efficiently and by your style and desired level. It is waterproof, and it has a rechargeable high battery capacity is also an advantage enlarging your pet’s activity scope and giving you convenience.

You can also connect your mobile phone to the charging cable and check if the charging is doing well. Due to its vast space, the product gives you just the extent of range you need for your pet. It is also an advantage since it would make you a sound mind knowing that when your pet is out of the vicinity of your home or your pet’s doghouse, he or she is in security and safety. Its functions are useful and easy.

Petworld Outdoor Wireless Containment System Review (Formally KD-661R)

However, the collars, when charged doesn’t last for so long. It lasts for about 10 to 12 hours only. Generally, the receiver can accommodate and work for up to fifteen days, but due to shorten working time of the receiver battery, you need to charge it for at least once or twice a day.

Try to check for the LED indicator. The receiver is fully charged for more than four hours once the light turns blue. It also randomly attacks the dog regardless of range and has no way to turn the shock power down. Error upon setting up the transmitter and receiver can cause this problem. You can make the receiver pairing with the wire following the instruction in the user manual; issues will be fixed at once.


The electronic wireless pet fencing system KD-661R gives you a less-hassle setup and extensive coverage. It is recommended especially for pet owners who want maximum security over their pets and wants a convenient way in rebooting the system. It is rechargeable and connectible to your mobile devices which give you maximum control of the instrument and assurance of its charging and charging hours.

The wireless attribute saves you time during setting up and is hassle-free when it is time to turn it off. This product is best for your pet’s playtime, trips, or any of their time outside. The product will assure you of full security and lessen your worries regarding your pet. It gives you and your pet wider possibilities to enjoy.

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