For some pet owners, choosing the perfect pet fence system is simply a struggle. With two many options, brands, and various products sold in the market, it is no wonder that pet owners would rather buy the first good pet fence system they see.

However, buying just any good containment system is not enough. You need an excellent product to help you train your dog effectively.

This product review focuses on the Invisible Wire Dog Containment System. This article will include the product’s product description, features, benefits, pros and cons, and conclusion.

Product Description

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From the title of its product name, the Invisible Wire Dog Containment System is an electronic perimeter fence with two shock collars that fit medium to large dogs. These receiver collars are produced with a shock that is proportional to the distance of your dog with the boundary.

The closer your pet walks toward the fence, the more intense the shock will be. This automatically teaches your dog the limited boundaries of your home without training it several times a week. In the case of wire breaks, the containment system has audio and visual indicators.

The Invisible Wire Dog Containment System creates a safe outdoor area for your pet without having to put up a physical fence. This makes your backyard or land look neater and minimalistic.

With this pet containment system, you can add multiple receiver collars to train as many dogs as you would please. This is a useful feature for pet owners who have plenty of dogs in their household.

Moreover, the receiver collar for the dog is 100% waterproof and rechargeable. This means that there is no need to keep purchasing batteries for replacements.


The dog containment system includes 1 indoor wall-mounted transmitter, 1 AC adapter, 1 boundary wire of 960 feet (over 1.24 acres), and 2 waterproof and rechargeable receiver collars.

You will also receive 2 adjustable straps (length: 21 inches), 4 long electrodes, 4 short electrodes, 2 test light tool, and 20 training flags. In case you cannot set up the containment system on your own, you can read the manual that comes with the package.

Overall, the Invisible Wire Dog Containment System works by setting up the transmitter and placing the wires around the yard.

You can attach the wires to your existing fence or bury them in the ground. If you plan to do the latter, it is recommended that you hide the wires on a sufficient level and not too deep.

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Features and Benefits

An excellent feature of this pet containment system is that the wire transmits a harmless radio signal to the transmitter. This means that the Invisible Wire Dog Containment System is completely safe for your pets.

When your dog gets too close to the boundaries, the receiver caller produces beep warnings to the dog. This is followed by a gentle static correction if the dog keeps walking.

Another excellent feature of this fence system is that the receiver collars are both rechargeable and waterproof. There is less worry for you if you sprinklers that regularly run in your backyard.

Dogs are intelligent animals. They would quickly learn the dos and don’ts of playing in your backyard once you set up this invisible pet containment system. Your dog might not visibly see the fence, but it will protect your dog from dangers outside your home.

Setting up the flags as boundaries may actually teach your dog its ground limits. Once your pet learns the meanings of the flags, it would not be long until you can leave it playing outdoors without strict supervision.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons listed in the product review were gathered from the reviews and feedback provided by the customers who have previously purchased and used the Invisible Wire Dog Containment System.

For the pros, many customers have commended this product for its effectiveness. According to them, this invisible pet fence system is very easy to set up and install. It can cover 950 feet of the ground with a single loop of the wire, and still works great.

Even with stubborn pets who usually take up weeks of training, it only takes a few days to train them with the Invisible Wire Dog Containment System. The receiver collar can last up to 4 days when charged completely.

You will notice that the collar is working when it emits red flashing lights every two seconds. You will know that it needs to be recharged once it emits quick and continuous flashes of red light. The containment system can cover up to 50 feet of boundary area.

On the other hand, some customers observed that they could not put the wire too close to the transmitter or the signal will weaken. The wire can break with transmitter producing a beep sound, indicating that the system has completely stopped working.

Moreover, interference caused by terrain, topography, humidity, metal objects, and other wireless signals may affect the containment system’s functionality.

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The Invisible Wire Dog Containment System is an excellent choice for pet owners who are looking for safe and efficient pet containment for their dogs.

With a coverage of up to 50 feet, this product can surely cover plenty of ground for your dog’s training and play time. The Invisible Wire Dog Containment System comes with plenty of benefits and features for both pets and pet owners.