Product Description

Introducing– Invisible Fense 700 Series Compatible Dog Fence Collar 10K Frequency– is an invisible fencing product for your pet that has new features that stand out in the market. It is a lightweight locating device for your pet that has improvements and functions added in terms of locating function, signals, etc.

This product had been quite a talk in the pet owners’ community for some time already for the quality it had exhibited and continued to garner many reviews from the said group of people.

Features and Benefits

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Invisible Fense 700 Series Compatible Dog Fence Collar 10K Frequency is an invisible fencing apparatus for your furry buddy whose rubber material strap measures 26 inches long and 6 inches wide, coming with a circular collar receiver in its center, weighing only 1.1 ounces.

This invisible fencing apparatus functions with a common 6-ion Lithium-ion battery that is claimed to be durable and long-lasting, and allows the user to find out if it is nearing deterioration.

On top of those, this pet locating device is waterproof– still being able to function even upon sinking in 10-foot deep water.

The signal device itself is made by the leading provider of electronic pet fencing– Perimeter Technologies. The circular plastic material, signal provider, is made functional through a cost-efficient alternative to Invisible Fence R21 dog fence collar– a technology only available to a select few before the creation of Invisible fence 700 Series Compatible Dog Fence Collar 10k Frequency.

These collars function exclusively with ICT-700 series fences, which includes ICT-700, ICT-725 and ICT-750 fences.

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1. The rubber material with will be used to hang the locating device around your furry pal is guaranteed to avoid any irritation and will not hinder your pet from moving around and playing. It is also guaranteed not to harm your pet’s fur as it is being used.

2. The centerpiece– the signal source– also allows your pet to move around freely, without really feeling the weight of the material. This signal source, despite the size it has, functions well for the benefit of the owner.

3. With Invisible Fense 700 Series Compatible Dog Fence Collar 10K Frequency’s waterproof feature, your pet can move freely around and to add up, move freely without you having to worry about your pet getting wet and ruining the signal device in the process.

4. Owning any of the ICT-700 series fences will entitle any dog owner to the optimum functions of this invisible fencing device. You can already use this fencing device as an extra or an add-on to your security devices for your pet or have it as an item to replace the other one you have been using.

5. The quality of the product, which is inspired by Invisible Fence R21 dog fence collar, is guaranteed to reflect the excellence it is known for. This quality of dog fencing device makes sure of sensitivity in terms of sending the owner signals as to indicate where the pet dog had gone or is staying.


1. You will hardly have a say on the colors of the material, as these will come only in shades of black, dark blue and gray. It is not exactly recommendable for those who want fashion, style and functionality rolled into one invisible fencing collar.

2. Once the battery fails to function already, finding a replacement for it will be difficult as such type of batteries are not that easily available in hardwares. On the brighter side of this matter, users can avail the same batteries from the manufacturer of the authorized dealer exclusively.

3. If your interest and expectations on this product at somewhere near the clouds, you might want to get a little bit lower so as not to be disappointed.Though the product is a good attempt at achieving the equivalent quality of Invisible R21 Fence dog fence collar and given that it had slashed a few features to equate with cost efficiency, it will not be exactly at par with the original.

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Overall, the Invisible Fense 700 series Compatible Dog Fence Collar 10k Frequency, as guaranteed by its creators, is a fully-functional, efficient and budget-friendly product that suits a pet owner’s needs in terms of securing and locating the dog.

Despite the cons of owning this product, the number of positive remarks and testimonies of users who have witnessed the wonders and functions of this pet locating and fencing device remains undeniably high, partnered with more testimonies of satisfaction.

Also, these cons, no matter how inconvenient they might serve, have alternatives which are not that difficult to address. The issue with the batteries, for example, can be addressed through buying spare batteries in advance or buying more batteries upon purchase to be reserved for any instance wherein it might be needed.