If we humans needed to be disciplined and trained to behave properly in our homes as early as we can, then our pets also must be taught as young as they are to make our surroundings more peaceful.

Do you want to see a new dog inside? Do you want to have a dog which is better than before? Are you tired of watching your dog being so irresponsible, undisciplined, inconsiderate, and other negative traits? Then you need to have a professional help for that matter, but not all can afford with such an amount of money. Here some good start tips in training your family pet.

Give your dog a name

Giving them a name helps you to get their attention whenever you wanted to call them quickly. Names such as Buddy, Max, and Molly are just only the basic names that are not usually heard by them. Use their names in your training, when you are going to call them if you have something to tell or when you wanted to play with them.

You will know when they already learned or get used to their names when you already get their attention calling them with their names. And as usual, treating them when they do well on following you is a must, like giving them food when they listen to you using the names.

Set training time consistently

Setting a particular time for their training session will help a lot to them. Minimum of 15 minutes every day is already enough for a session, and it will also depend on your dog’s type of breed on how long they will lose their energy.

Always be reminded that the training time is not the only time that you will go to have a session with them, training always happens the entire day as you interact with them, because just like humans, dogs also learn their lesson as lives go on. It will not go to stop as educators teach them.


Prepare yourself for the activity

Preparing yourself is also a must in a training session with your dog. You must be in a proper condition mentally, physically, and emotionally for the session to goes well. Training them when you are not in a good mood or give them some new emotions will trigger them and will hurt your session with them. Always put in mind that you are training them to achieve a good behavior not to worsen their attitude, so to achieve that be calm and neutral to them.

Use a dog training equipment

Using training equipment will help you to lessen your energy to be used, or it will go to be convenient in your training session with your dog. Below are the following devices that will reduce your effort:

Be connected to them always

While training your dog; you need to have proper equipment that will always connect you to them, introduce them to some like safe training harnesses and leashes and teach them how to manage walking around with something on their collar. Through this gear, you can easily find or get them whichever you conduct the training.

You can also train your dog inside the crate because some feel like it is safer training their dogs inside rather than outside. Training them inside the crate will also help them how to be clean like where to poop and more.

Use agility equipment

Having some dog agility tools helps them learn the basic of some sport that involves adrenaline and at the same time, you two are building a successful teamwork that they needed.

Teach them basic

Always start from the elementary commands in teaching your dog like commanding them to Come, heel, sit down, stay, and lay down. While commanding them, follow it with hand gestures or body languages to help them recognize it more quickly. When they would not follow you, a firm “NO” is enough for them to listen, you don’t have to shout at them or being harsh that involves physical punishment. Teaching them also the basic scolding words is a must.

Give them a reward

If they do well, provide them with a prize, it may be food like dog training treats that they like or some attention that they wanted. You should know the difference between giving them a reward and bribing them.

Bribing is giving them what they like to get them to do something that you wanted them to do, while the reward is a payment to them for doing something good.Make sure that your reward is as fast as your praise to them. Otherwise, you will go to reward their bad behavior. If possible for you as an owner you may use “high value” treats for those severe training that you did or if your dog did a very excellent job.

Put yourself in their shoes

Putting some empathy to them will help a lot during your session. You should understand your dogs’ feelings, just like us beings we won’t put some effort if we don’t understand other persons’ linguistic, the same with them they won’t listen if they hear some foreign languages into their vocabulary. So you should need to have some time, effort and patience during your daily interactions.

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Consistency is a must

Being consistent during your training to them will help a lot for their memory. They would not understand what you are trying to relay to them if their environment is not consistent. Using the same hand gestures of your command will help them not to be confused. Consistency during training is a must for you as an owner.

Build relationship

Building a good rapport with your dog is the best way to gain his trust and have an easy training session every day.

Train them on an empty stomach

Don’t feed them to the point that they will go to have a super full stomach a few hours before training. Training them with an empty stomach will help them be more focus on their training session. Just like beings, we tend to be more persevere if we wanted something that we don’t have yet. So the more they want it, the more they will go to concentrate on something.


End your session with a positive vibe

Ending it with a good vibe even if your training didn’t go well as you expected; it will help them to come back to training afterward. You may praise them and such even if they didn’t learn so much that day because it will mark as the last thing that they remembered is how you love them and praise them.

Make the training full of fun and excitement

Doing this method will make them learn more efficiently. Learning while having fun during a session will make them train more and more because they would not feel the hassle of learning, it will just appear to them that they are just having fun and just doing a game.Train them in a comfortable environment.

Use a training whistle or dog clicker

Through these devices, you can quickly capture your dogs’ attention because it produces neutral tones that cover over long distances. All you need to do is to make it work and have a bunch of treats that you are going to give to your dog. This will capture your dogs’ behavior that you wanted. This will mark as a message to your dog that whenever you click the device, he should listen to it to have his treat and so many behaviors that your dog will go to interpret.

Train them in a comfortable environment

A healthy environment also will help the entire session be productive because environment also is one of the factors on what is the outcome of the learning processes. The behavior of your dog will change depending on the context that they are in. It is necessary that you always consider the atmosphere or all the factors that may affect their performance.

Now that we have given you on How to train a dog to make sure that you are not so excited to the point that you are now doing some cruel things to them. For at the end of these training sessions, whether your dog gets an excellent picture of their self or just got a good rate from everybody around them, showing how you love, praise, put effort on them and such will help them train on their own.

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Through showing how you give importance to them will keep them always on track. Training a dog/puppy at an early age is like teaching a baby in their 1-3 years of existence which is just so innocent at that time.

How dogs wanted to learn is just like humans. We wanted to learn the lessons with fun and excitement. Teaching them through training will demand you to put so much effort, time and everything is a must if you wanted that your dog is a disciplined one and know how to behave well in every circumstance.