Product Description

Having a dog is both challenging and fun at the same time, you get to have a companion and a playmate who is always happy to see you, but it is also your obligation to keep your furry friend safe from harm’s way.

This Wireless Pet Fence from FunAce will do just that. This product from FunAce is marvelous at doing its job to keep your pet safe and sound from behind a wireless and invisible fence. It has got a variety of options for you to choose from depending on how many dogs you have.

The collar receiver can be charged, and it is waterproof, and along with its features is that it blinks to signal that it is active and is receiving a signal from the transmitter. The collar is also configured not to over shock your dogs during power outages, and the shock level is also adjustable depending on what you think is enough for your dog to be disciplined.

The product works especially best for both big and small dogs except tiny or toy sized dogs like a chihuahua or toy poodle because the collar might be too heavy and bulky for them and it might not fit their necks because of their tiny size. It is cheaper compared to most wireless dog fence system, and it also has a 90 days warranty.

Features and Benefits

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This wireless pet fence containment system from FunAce contains many features that might make it your next favorite product. It is a given that it will aid you in keeping your pets safe and sound.

You can opt to choose whether to purchase a system that is enough for one dog if you only have one or for three dogs if you have got three furry dogs you’re trying to keep at bay.

However, if you have got more than three dogs don’t worry because they also have an option for that where you can buy a single collar which will be shipped freely to your location.

The products collars are rechargeable and waterproof. The collars also fit around the neck of dogs who weigh at least 8 pounds or more and whose necks are around 6 to 26 inches.

The collars also have an anti over-shocking design that will only give out static electricity just enough to warn your dog not to pass beyond the fence boundaries. It does not also shock your dog immediately.

It will first release two strong vibrations before preceding with the electric shock. The vibration and shock will only cycle twice, so every time your dog goes past the line, he or she will only be shocked twice.

The system also works through a radio Wi-Fi transmitter, which means it is 100% wireless, it instead uses radio signals to create the boundary or safe zone. The wireless antenna goes to all direction and has the perimeter of a 40 to 300 feet radius. The dimensions of this product are 10 x 2.6 x 9 inches; 1.1 pounds and its shipping weight is only 1.4 pounds.

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Pros and Cons

The product shipment and delivery is fast, and it arrives on time, so you will be able to train your dogs immediately. It also has an excellent range, so your dog will be able to run, roam, roll and play on your lawn all it wants without his safety being jeopardized.

The great thing about this product is that its collar receiver is waterproof, so you do not need to worry about accidental electrocution or the collar turning off during rainy weather.

However, just like most products, it also got its fair share of cons like how the collar is sometimes too light and too big, how random the shock it gives off is and how some of the people who brought this product can understand the instructions because the manual is translated into Chinese.

No worries, FunAce has an excellent customer service, and they guarantee a refund in case you are unsatisfied with your experience.

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FunAce provides a fence that will keep your dog safe without having any unsightly wires surrounding them around your house. This product is also suitable for owners who owns multiple dogs or owners who are planning to adopt more than one dog because the transmitter can handle an unlimited number of receivers.

This wireless fence system would work best in properties that have big lawns or properties that are at least 30 feet away from roads with slopes. Remember though that experiences will vary and this product may or may not be compatible with your lifestyle and place.

However, if you do decide to purchase this product, spend at least 15 minutes or more each day a week for at least a month to train your dog and soon enough he will know where the safe and red zones are.

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