Product Description

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The best quality dog fence underground boundary wire was made available by the eXtreme Dog Fence brand. Made in the USA, the wire is designed to perform and keep your dogs and puppies safe. It is a solid core dog fence wire and is a continuous 500’ spool. Other than that, the wire is:

  • RoHS Compliant
  • Direct ground burial rated
  • Sunlight (UV) Resistant
  • More than 25% lighter than PVC coated wire of the same gauge
  • Oxidation resistant

The underground fence can be used for all brand name electric in-ground static correction dog fences systems, such as:

  • PetSafe, Perimeter Technologies
  • SportDOG, Dogtra
  • Pet Stop
  • Invisible Fence
  • Dog Guard
  • Innotek
  • And all others.

Features and Benefits

The eXtreme Dog Fence wire features a 500’ spool of 16 gauge. The wire has a polyethylene coated solid copper, and the copper core is a solid copper straight through, not copper-clad aluminum.

It has superior resistance to chemicals, i.e. fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, etc. It also has an excellent moisture resistance. The wire is a #14 copper wire with a comparatively large cross-sectional (diameter) which lowers the internal resistance of the wire to the transmission of the radio signal it is intended to carry in this application.

It also features an easy installation; it can be buried from one to three inches deep using a lawn edger, trencher, garden hoe, or run it above the ground and secure it with down with the landscape staples from the company.

This wire is PVC coated which means it is insulated similarly to the most electrical wire. The insulation is heavier than typical wire since it is about three times as thick which makes it pretty rugged in general use.

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The wire is durable for initial burying. It may not break just by driving a riding lawnmower over it.  It withstands the rough treatment that occurs during installation (might being pulled through walls, pushed into the slit in the sod with a flat blade screwdriver, twisted using a drill motor to create the portion of the line that needs to be twisted to traverse out to the boundary loop).

It is heavier and better protected to last longer while buried just below the surface. You may expect that this wire can last from 5 to 10 even though you have about an average of 12 hours a day of fairly intense sunlight.

The wire may be better rated for UV exposure which will last longer. It also appears to be able to withstand the freeze/thaw cycle of a typical Midwest winter for you may experience that it hasn’t gone through winter yet, but the wire looks pretty tough.

The insulation is strong, and higher gauge conductor is much more durable. The wire also has thick insulation, and it is more flexible than you may expect, and this requires no more effort to install.

The higher gauge may allow you to pull the full 500′ around the property fence. And as long as the collar/transmitter is based on the principle of a radio signal carried in the wire and received by the collar, the wire will work most efficiently.

The wire is heavy duty and is not likely to get broken very easily, and it will not need to be replaced in a year or so. This is one complete line that may allow you to install with no splices.

The 500′ spool was handy to unroll the wire and get it in the right place. It may avoid you from having issues like thin wires that can lose connection without a physical break. This still works even if, at times, part of your yard is saturated and covered with ponded water. This wire also stops weed eater.

This wire might be great for rural areas. The heavy-duty coating holds up in gravel driveways, through creeks, etc.

This might also be the perfect wire to replace the original light gauge perimeter wire which you may experience numerous breaks over time. This spool might also be the perfect length to go with your lot.

The purchase of wire might save you from spending extra money in reinstalling new wire and repair breaks in your old wire. It might be more than worth to the pet owners not having to dig up line or replacing and troubleshooting that may also cost too much.

This wire is so substantially superior that it more than makes up for the additional cost. It might be a quality product that you will not be disappointed in purchasing.


Using this product on the ground should theoretically give the best signal, but the chance of damage is pretty high. The wire has no lightning protection that you would need to either properly ground this wire or purchase a lightning surge protector that goes between this wire and your underground fence control unit.

This wire might be a bit heavy or thick for the push connections on the transmitter and lightning protector. Not securing the wire properly might lead it to slip out.

Also in many places, the insulation might both be pinched and deformed or be missing entirely for 6-inch gaps. With that, you might be forced to make many otherwise unnecessary splices.

Also, gophers might still be able to break through this wire because when a gopher digs a tunnel, he is going to clear whatever is in the way. This might not save you from gophers because sure there is always a possibility of animals chewing on the line.

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This is just a quality wire that is used to replace the wire that you’re not satisfied with that all invisible dog fence kits come with.

This is suitable for pet owners who do not want to replace their fencing now and then, wanted a longer lasting alternative to the regular kit wire, or needed a better UV protection for their wire. This is also suitable for pet owners who do not mind gophers and creating splices in installing the wire.

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