Product Description

Coming in with flexible and beneficial features, the Electric Dog Fence with 2 Rechargeable Collars is one excellent find for pet owners wanting to secure their pets. Aside from the features that help you in the process of guarding your pets, you are also offered help in times when the wires malfunction or break.

Features and Benefits

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Upon purchasing the Electric Dog Fence with 2 Rechargeable Collars Which Send Tone and Static, users will avail a package containing two collars. These collars can withstand the rain and can fit many pets. Fitting dogs weighing 10-120 pounds whose necks measure somewhere around 8 to 25 inches, this product guarantees to adjust well to the sizes of many dogs. Aside from these characteristics, you can also recharge these collars once the battery drops to a critical level.

This underground electric dog fence system offers a customizable perimeter for users to adjust and control. This system promises to be an effective boundary for your pets. As for the setup time, you will spend just a couple of hours to complete the process. After that, your confinement device and collars are ready to function. The task is made even easier by the manual that accompanies the package. The instructions in the said manual are easy to follow and will definitely help you in your troubled times setting the device up.

Once a wire buried underground breaks, you will know it immediately—all thanks to its audible and visual wire break indicators. If a wire breaks, you will hear a loud alarm accompanied by a flashing light to let you know that you need to replace or repair it.


  1. One of the most beneficial features of this set is its wire break alarm. Not only does it give a loud alarm, but it also gives off a bright light. This is very helpful, particularly for those who are either deaf of a blind. It will give them a sense of urgency that their wires are broken and need immediate attention. Aside from that, this is also convenient, even if the unwanted incident happens at night (though it could be quite loud).
  2. Another helpful feature of this set is its collars. Aside from having already two if it in one purchase, there’s a lot more to the receiver collar than its looks. Firstly, it is one good find since its size and capability fits a wide range of dogs coming in different sizes. You can even let other dogs use it. Aside from that, comfort for the dog is never compromised with this product as these can be adjusted as well. A second reason that the collar helps is that it is waterproof. This characteristic should never be out of the list when it comes to finding one excellent collar receiver. Last but not the least is that it can be recharged. Instead of buying a new set of batteries, you can simply recharge the batteries to make it work again. This saves you more time and money in the process.
  3. For first-time users of the Electric Dog Fence with 2 Rechargeable Collars Which Send Tone and Static, a comprehensive and clear guide is quite vital. For this matter, the device has its way of addressing this consumer need through a manual. With the said manual, users are guaranteed complete and through guidance, as they navigate their way in setting the device up.


  1. All wired fences consume too much time upon setting up, and the Electric Dog Fence with 2 Rechargeable Collars Which Send Tone and Static is no exception. Though it promises to take just a few hours, it is still a drastically long time to set up compared to setting up a wireless confinement device.
  2. Though the wire break alarm is helpfully noticeable, this feature may still be a disadvantage since it can be a bother to other people in your neighborhood. This is not something that you would want to happen especially in the middle of the night.
  3. Unlike its competitors in the market, the Electric Dog Fence with 2 Rechargeable Collars Which Send Tone and Static does not have an indication of an adjustable correction level. This will mean that one static correction will work all throughout and might not even be automatic. This will open up faults in disciplining the pet since there are no controls how intense the shock should be to instill discipline.


The Electric Dog Fence with 2 Rechargeable Collars Which Send Tone and Static is a good find for those who still prefer wired fences. It excellently bears the basics that a fencing device should have. It also has promising features to aid even first time users, making it a friendly device for all expertise or experience with dog fencing products.

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