Product Description

This product from DOG ZONE is currently unavailable. It’s wireless, so you don’t need to bury any wires underground, and it acts as a pet containment system which is not only compact and efficient but also safe for you and your pet.

It has a patented transmitter and receiver that improves its radio communication which makes a big invisible outdoor boundary that will help prevent your pet from wandering off.

The transmitter of this wireless fence broadcast the signals in all directions which form a circular shape that covers up to a 300-meter circle, and its transmitter can pair up with an infinite amount of receiver.

However, what makes it unique is that even if you have the same transmitter as your neighbor, your receivers will only pair up with your transmitter.


This wireless pet containment system has a radio Wi-Fi transmitter that is 100% wire free, so no need to bury anything and the transmitter can broadcast its signals from a 40-500 feet radius (adjustable 1 to 100 level).

The package also comes with a receiver collar that is not only rechargeable (allowing you to save money on the cost of batteries) but also water resistant. The collar is lightweight, so your dog is free to run and play within the boundaries of the fence.

The collar has a built-in sensor that will automatically go into sleep mode when its motion sensors pick up no activity. The collar strap can be adjusted from 6 to 26 inches. This wireless fence system provides the safest and simplest form of pet containment ever.

Pros and Cons

The receiver collar is rechargeable and can last 3 to 7 days depending on how long it stays on your dog and its activity level. However, despite how long the collar can last without being recharged only turn it on whenever your training your dog or under supervision so it does not suddenly go off during any power shortage.

It is also very crucial that you spend a few moments on training your dog so that this system will work.

Spend at least 15 to 20 minutes each day for three weeks with your dog so you can teach him the safe zones and the boundary. The receiver collar of this product has 31” inch reach from end to end so if you have any big dogs then you do not have to worry because this thing can fit him or her right up.

However, it is more recommendable to use this if you have smaller dogs because the shock system of this device might be too weak for big dogs so it might ignore it even if its set to its maximum shock.

It is also advisable that you check your property before purchasing this device or devices that are similar to this because some systems function differently in different properties, like how this system works especially best for large properties that are at least 30 feet away from the road.

It also helps if you properly has little to no metal materials because most wireless fences will not function efficiently if your home has any materials like aluminum or metal because it could interfere and block the signal from the transmitter device.

Many factors can affect the range of the area the transmitter can reach such as the terrain of your area, the topography or land placement and metal objects nearby can affect its operating range.

The location of the wireless transmitter will be located in the center of the circular pet area only. The shape of the pet area, unfortunately, cannot be changed into other shapes such as a square or a rectangle.

Despite being a product that’s hassle-free and easy to use, It also has a few minor setbacks, but don’t let that stop you living better while spending less. Because unlike an in-ground fence system which could cost at least 1500 USD, this wireless and hassle-free fence is much cheaper and it’s got free shipping too.

Do remember that desired results will not always happen immediately, It’s going to involve a little bit of training process, but you will not need to worry about a lot because the system of this product is easy to understand and with just a little bit of work you might get your desired results.


This wireless fence system is up to date, and despite a few technicalities, it is still a revolutionary concept that can provide a safe and efficient barrier.

Whenever your pet steps out of the boundary the lightweight receiver collar will discharge a small amount of electric shock that is enough to startle but not harm your pet. With a little training, your dog will quickly be able to learn where not to step. Just follow the easy instruction manual, and you will be able to rest easy.