There are many theories on the proper way to train a dog. All of these methods will require you to give your dog consequences for their bad behavior. Of course, you will not want to yell at or hit the dog when you use any of the methods. This type of behavior will only result in an aggressive and unruly dog. Restrained reminders to your dog with the use of a leash or wireless dog fence are better ways to discipline your dog.

Praise is the most important part of dog training. The dog must learn to trust his trainer in order for him to listen and respond to the commands that he is given. The leash is a wonderful way to train a dog. Getting the dogs attention with the use of a leash is a proven way to train a dog. Constant praise for when the dog performs the command that he is given is absolutely necessary. A wireless dog fence will also provide a gentle shock when the dog oversteps his boundaries. The shock is not designed to hurt the dog, but only to get his attention.

Eventually with the right training methods and the appropriate tools like a leash and wireless dog fence, the dog will begin to understand what is expected of him. Training a dog can be a frustrating experience if the dog is having a hard time understanding what is expected. It is important that you remember to not lose your patience with the dog. A dog that is reacting out of fear is not a well-trained animal.

A wireless dog fence is a great way to give your dog the freedom to roam in the backyard without having to be tied to a runner. Of course, you should not leave the dog unattended in the backyard when the wireless dog fence is first installed. Your input may be necessary as the dog tests his boundaries. It may take him a few times before he understands that he is not to go beyond a certain point in the yard. Rest assured though, eventually he will stick to the areas of the yard where he is allowed.

Be a responsible dog owner and train your dog with one of the many methods that are available to you. The use of a leash and wireless dog fence should be all that you need. However, if you have a particularly difficult dog to train, you might want to consider obedience training or a trainer to work with your dog individually. Some dogs just need a little more attention to learn who is the leader of the pack.