Product Description

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This comfort contact extra receiver collar is perfect for you if ever you have two dogs in your Perimeter Technologies Containment systems since you will need another collar for your other dog.

This collar is lightweight and makes a warning sound when the pet is near the boundary.

If the pet ignores the warning sign and goes beyond the perimeter of the fence, a mild electric shock transmits from the collar to the pet.

The impulse delivered to the dogs may be applied more frequently or more intense than usual as the pet approaches the boundary.

Perimeter Medium Comfort Contacts are also included here which has a conductive substance with rubber so that the contacts will retain and promote flexibility and comfort for your beloved dogs.

It is very safe for the dogs and veterinarians often suggest these products to avoid irritation and skin injury for pets specifically dogs.

It is like keeping them in an invisible cage or fence that can make them enjoy being free in a specific location.

This comfort contact extra receiver collar has a product dimension of 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches and weighs 4.8 ounces. This product requires lithium batteries which provides lighter batteries with increased run times.

Features and Benefits

The comfort contact extra receiver collar is designed to keep pets in a redefined boundary without the use of the physical barrier. The comfort contact other receiver helps the owners of the pets in training them not to go far from their homes and keep them safe in an area without the feeling of being caged physically.

Owner’s pets will surely enjoy being free and secure at the same time. The conductive material with rubber promotes comfort for the dogs and will not make it harder for them to breathe, unlike other regular collars that are tight and could cause skin irritation for some pets.

A bonus plus for the owners for they can finally have their invisible fences and hassle-free from building physical barriers which also costs more. The comfort contact extra receiver collar is lightweight and made of high-quality adjustable nylon, and it fits all neck sizes explicitly.

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Pros and Cons

This system helps keep our dogs in the yard and was much easier to install than building a physical fence or barrier. However, an electronic boundary or fence may be less effective if the owner’s pet or dog crosses a boundary while it is in a state of excitement. The comfort contact extra receiver collar costs half the price from building a physical fence or barrier, so it is much cheaper and hassle-free.

The extra collar for a Perimeter Technology only works with the same brand and does not work with Invisible Fence (another brand of receiver collar). However, they do make other kinds of collar that are applicable for invisible fence system.

This comfort contact extra receiver collar can fit any size since it has high-quality adjustable nylon collar and is very flexible. This product is only available for shipping in 48 contiguous states and does not ship in the Philippines, Puerto Rico, APO/FPO, Hawaii, and Alaska. The comfort contact extra receiver collar helps promote safety for pets and keep them supervised in a specific area not too far away from home.

This product only requires two Lithium-ion batteries, and it can last up to two to three months of constant use. This comfort contact extra receiver collar has a Perimeter Medium Comfort Contacts which provides significant protection against pressure necrosis. The pressure necrosis is a condition which occurs when a dog’s collar is either left on for a prolonged period or adverse skin reaction to metal touching their skin.

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If you are searching for something cheap, and comfortable or hassle-free to install to keep your pets safe and just in reach this Comfort contact extra receiver collar is for you and your pet. This comfort contact extra receiver collar powered by a lithium-ion system that is three times more gravimetric density of nickel metal hydride that provides lighter batteries.

This product is beneficial for training pets, may it be dogs or cats do not go beyond the boundary lane and stay in the location they are permitted not just that but also gives them the freedom to roam around without being caged or being tied. Just make sure that if you purchase this Comfort Contact Extra Receiver Collar from Perimeter technologies that it has the same brand of its containment systems or it will not function as it is.

For anything that you are confused with, always look for the warnings, labels, and directions before using or consuming a product. It may seem different in actual than what posted on the website or page and materials and packaging may contain more and various information. This product may have its disadvantages, but it looks like more as an advantage for me. However, it is for the buyer to decide.