Best Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

Best wireless dog fence

Having a dog as a pet without a doubt is one of the most interesting and exciting events you could have. Maintaining them in good health and good condition is a tough and challenging task. Training your dog, looking out for their safety and security is also essential.

When you live in a populated neighborhood, there is a chance that your dog is at risk of running away from your home. This could lead to attacks by other dogs, accidents, or injury. To prevent these misfortunes from happening, choosing the right wireless dog fence is essential.

There are many wireless dog fence options available. Choosing the right one can often be a tough and demanding responsibility. Let’s have a look at five reputable dog fence brands. We are sure these will help pet owners have a clear idea of what to expect from these devices and mechanisms. Continue reading this invisible dog fence guide to learn more.

Top 5 Best Invisible Wireless Dog Fence Reviews




PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

  • Wireless boundary
  • Cover up to 1/2 acre
  • Waterproof receiver collar
Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence

Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence

  • Solid copper boundary
  • Effective dog training
  • Latest electric fence technology
Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Containment System

Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Containment System

  • 3-dog system
  • For dogs 8 lbs and up
  • 5 adjustable levels
FunAce Wireless Pet Containment System

FunAce Wireless Pet Containment System

  • Compact wifi radio transmitter and receiver collar
  • Easy to use
  • Unmatched performance
PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

  • Wireless boundary
  • Cover up to 3/4 acre
  • Add an unlimited amount of pets

1. PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

Keeping your pet safe is not an easy job. This wireless containment system allows you to keep your dog safe without breaking a sweat. Though it’s limited to a circular shape area, the PetSafe containment system can cover up to half an acre. The range of the boundary is also adjustable and can reach up to 90 feet in all directions.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

This containment system has a waterproof receiver collar that is safe to use in all climates. The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System has five correction levels and a low battery indicator. The system lets you know when it’s time to change your batteries.

Aside from that, you can also adjust the receiver collar up to 28 inches if you have large dogs. You can also add an unlimited number of pets to the system as long as they wear the same PetSafe collar. You can set-up the pet containment system in as little as 2 hours. All you need to do is plug in the transmitter, and you can begin training your pets.


Easy use

Waterproof and adjustable collars

Adjustable and wide range


Clear training documentation

Can be easily installed

Your dog can be trained within three days


Can´t be used for all dog types

Lack of pre-purchase and post-purchase support information

Doesn’t have warnings in making a shock

Inconsistent Boundaries

Doesn’t work for a sloped yard

The great thing about this Wireless Pet Containment System is that it’s perfect for pet owners who are on the go. It’s also perfect for camping since it is portable and can be set-up anywhere. The package includes a training manual. This helps pet owners learn how to train their pets and get familiar with the containment system.

This Petsafe wireless dog fence is for dogs that are over 8 pounds. The beagle and corgi are good breed examples. If you have small pets like a chihuahua or Yorkie, this is not recommended for them. The fence collar will not fit very small dogs and tiny toy breeds.

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If you choose this wireless electric dog fence as your pet containment system, there are a few things you need to be aware of. You should not place the transmitter near any electronic equipment. This includes WiFi routers and other digital receivers. The signals can get mixed, and your pet containment system may malfunction.

2. Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence

This product is not completely wireless. It is an in-ground fence system with 955 feet of solid copper wire included. You can also install it above ground. The Sit Boo Boo hidden dog fence will help relieve the frustration of training stubborn pets. It helps pet owners to set boundaries and train their pets to learn the places that are off-limits.

Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence

With the use of vibrations and small shocks, it’s designed to be safe and harmless to pets. It will not harm your pet’s health. The training collars are snug and will fit your dog’s neck without any discomfort. You can charge the training collars when not in use.

Designed with the latest technology, this dog fence system uses in-ground cords that can be set up to make a hidden boundary. The fence uses the most recent radio wave technology. It features five correction levels for precise and efficient training.


Easy to set-up

Waterproof and adjustable collars

Adjustable and wide range

The system comes with instructional material

Lifetime warranty

Safe Product

Worked immediately

Effective training device

It took a week or two to learn boundaries


Wire might be too thin for some owners

Wire gauge could be heavier

Wiring is pretty delicate

Manual lacking

The product comes with enough wire to cover a containment area up to 1.2 acres. You can cover specific areas without attaching radio holes. The in-ground cord system makes setting a boundary for you pets effortless.

If you have a huge lawn, this underground dog fence can cover up to 5 acres with extra wire. It comes with a clear and detailed manual to aid in an easy setup of the hidden dog fence system. The system includes a transmitter and boundary wire to cover half an acre.

Also included, are a rechargeable waterproof collar and boundary training flags. The receiver collar is perfect for all types of dog breeds regardless of their size. It allows for different correction levels so you can customize the level for each dog.

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If you have issues, Sit Boo-boo offers a lifetime warranty replacement. If something goes wrong, they have you covered. Remember to put some effort into training your dog to be familiar with the system. This helps to cut out potential problems.

3. Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Containment System

From clueless pet owners to owners who need to manage many dogs, PetSafe has it all for you. PetSafe designed this wireless containment system for those who have more than one dog. It’s designed to provide owners with a simple yet safe electronic dog fence containment system. This helps to ease the trouble of keeping pets safe without sacrificing their freedom to roam.

Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Containment System

It allows the dogs to run and play around within the comfort of your yard. All you need to is plug the fence transmitter in an inconspicuous area inside your home. The transmitter will emit a radio signal around your home. Once the lightweight collar receives that signal, your dog can run free within the boundaries of your yard.

This pet containment system will not restrict your dog to a small area. It can cover up to half an acre or 180-foot diameter, and that is adjustable too! So, if you have a yard that isn’t very big, then you can adjust the circle to fit the span of your yard.


Adjustable range and coverage

Fit for 3 dogs

Waterproof collar

Works well with different land types

Dogs will figure out boundary quickly

Very convenient and Works perfectly

Dogs will surely be trained


For pets that weigh 8 pounds or more

Not consistent

The receiver collar delivers a safe static correction in case your pet walks past the warning zone. It does not automatically shock your pet. Your dog will first hear a warning beep; then it will be startled with a safe static.

One great thing about the wireless dog fence collar is that it is safe for use in wet or rainy weather. Since it is waterproof, the only maintenance is to make sure to use a 6-volt battery. It will function well and last long with regular charge checking.

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For this electric dog fence to work well, you should train your pet to be familiar with the warning beeps. This pet containment system includes a manual for training your dog. It also includes setup instructions so you will have all the knowledge you will need.

4. FunAce Wireless Pet Containment System

When one is looking for an efficient and safe dog fence, it would be a good idea to have an eye on this brand. Apart from being ergonomically designed, it incorporates state-of-the-art fencing technology. Because of that, you are sure to have a safe and efficient wireless fencing.

FunAce Wireless Pet Containment System

The design of the fence gives you total control of your fence location. This way you can set it up in a familiar and secure place for your pets. The collars are 100% water resistant and waterproof. They also come with five levels of correction so you can discipline your pets better. This product is suitable for monitoring more than one dog. You can easily take care of more than one dog without jeopardizing you or your pets’ safety.


Waterproof collar

Perfect for any land shape

Wide and unlimited land range

Works well for more than one dog

Has great manuals

Easy to install

Cost less and less of a headache


Needs additional transmitter and wire for big yards

No low battery warning

May performs inconsistently

This system uses high-quality transmitter technology. It produces an invisible perimeter with radio wave fencing. It is hassle-free and requires no transmitter holes. Its range can stretch 10x the range of comparable wireless dog fences. You can also place it wherever you want. This system allows for extensive coverage, so if you have a huge yard, then it’s perfect for you.

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Unlike other wireless dog fence systems, this dog fence system will work fine with any type of landscape you have. A detailed step-by-step instruction manual and a quick-start guide complete the package. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro in installing dog fences, you’ll find this system hassle free.

5. PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

If you enjoy outdoor camping, traveling or are generally on the go, this portable dog fence system from PetSafe might be perfect for you. It’s a portable yet complete wireless fencing system for your pet dog.

PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

You can carry it anywhere without taking the whole day to set it up. This PetSafe wireless dog fence helps create a safe outdoor play area for your pet without the need for any physical fence. It lets your dog roam around within boundaries and lessens your worry about your dog running off.

PetSafe Stay + Play can cover an area of 3 to 4 acres, or 105 feet in various directions, from the location of the indoor transmitter. It can be set up within 1 to 2 hours and comes with a unique portable containment system.


Waterproof collar

Adjustable range

Unlimited pets can be added to the system

Portable and easy to set-up

Suitable for a home that has thin walls


Not for all breeds

The pet area has limited shapes

Cost unexpected expenses

It is also designed to handle an unlimited number of pets. You can buy extra receiver collars that are compatible with your system. This is so you contain more than one pet. The receiver collar design is waterproof and weather resistant. The dog collar is rechargeable and ready for use in 2 to 3 hours.

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The battery can last up to 3 weeks depending on the level of use. If you are looking for a wireless fence for a small dog, this is the product for you. It has an ergonomically designed collar and suits pets weighing 5 pounds or more. The collar features five levels of correction. You’ll want to make sure to train your pet first to get used to the system before you decide to use it for traveling. Your dog will learn to identify the signals and beeps.

If you have troubles with the product, PetSafe customer service is ready to assist you. Make sure you’re buying this product from an authorized manufacturer. This ensures that your warranty is valid.

Invisible Wireless Dog Fence Buyer’s Guide

Having a dog in the house can be fun most of the time. You have a stress-reliever in the form of a furry animal or an everyday fetch mate. You also have an instant guard dog in the house that can protect your family from potential dangers and sketchy neighbors.

Owning a dog also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Dogs are playful, and sometimes they can be stubborn. Your commands to them may seem like playful shouts, and that is when they may start to disobey. This can be going beyond the fences or loitering outside the premises of your home.

The primary purpose of invisible dog fences is to keep the dog within a specified area. You can also use it to keep other dogs out from a particular area. It can be used to keep quality pedigree dogs away from strangers and unwanted persons. Electrical and wireless dog fencing devices are available in different specifications. You’ll find them with different configurations and in a variety of price ranges.

Wireless Dog Fence Guide - Buyer's Guide 1

Before buying these devices, you should keep a few important points in mind. First, you should take the temperament of your dog into account. You should also consider the age of the dog, chewing and digging habits, and other such factors.

As far as concerns of the dog owner, it is always better to go for wireless fences. The covered area, the number of pets it handles, battery quality, and the ease of use are features to keep in mind.

As much as you want your dog to play freely, you would also have to limit the scope of their play area. Allowing your dog to go wherever it wants could cause accidents and injury to your pet or other people. You can prevent this from happening by investing in a quality electric dog fence for your pet.

Sometimes, it’s better to invest in high-quality devices rather than building your own. This comes many questions that dog owners often have before they decide to get a dog fence. All these answers are contained in this buyer’s guide to help you choose the best invisible dog fence for your pet.

Do You Really Need a Wireless Dog Fence?

Before heading out to buy the first invisible fence you see, ask yourself this question: Do I need an invisible dog fence? For safety reasons, having this is a big plus in your household. How? It keeps your dog guarded inside your home’s perimeter at all times. For behavioral purposes, it teaches your dog to stay within the safe space of your home and yard.

It can keep your dog safe from potential street accidents, roaming loose, and being picked up by a stray. Problems such as getting hit by a vehicle can and do happen. As does fighting with other dogs, disrupting neighbors, and scaring away children. Invisible fencing protects more than just you and your dog.

Research shows that setting up a wireless dog fence is an effective way to keep your dog safe within set boundaries. It’s the most beneficial way to guarantee your pet’s safety while outdoors. Most pet owners use different methods to train dogs well. These include static correction, auditory signals (warning beep), and vibrational stimuli.

According to a study by the Institute of Animal Welfare and Behavior, using a static correction collar has a 92% effective rate for dogs. This is much higher compared to other forms of corrections. Investing in an electric dog fence is more viable when compared to the time spent training your dog to stay within boundaries.

Wired Dog Fence vs. Wireless Dog Fence: Which is Better?

Many dog owners prefer wireless dog fences for the reason that they do not obstruct a house’s façade. You can have an invisible dog fence for your pet without a significant change in the appearance of your yard.

There are still some dog owners who debate and can’t decide whether to get a wired dog fence or a wireless invisible dog fence. We’ll answer some questions about the two. The following are key differences between a wired dog fence and an invisible wireless dog fence. This will explain the main advantages and disadvantages of making a knowledgeable decision.

Wired Dog Fence

Wired dog fences work with the aid of a receiver collar that the dog has to wear. Without this collar, the wired dog fence would be pretty much useless. It works by choosing the perimeter where you want your dog to stay in and then burying the dog fence’s antenna in the ground along that perimeter.

When your dog reaches the end of the boundary and tries to go beyond it, the receiver collar sends your pet an electric shock. This is called negative reinforcement. Over time, your dog would learn not to cross over the boundary and to stay within the set boundary.

So what exactly are the downsides of setting up a wired dog fence in your backyard? First, it is important to note that a wired dog fence can be customized according to the shape of the area.

For example, you have an odd shaped backyard to follow. You can customize the wires to follow your yard’s unique shape. This poses a problem if your boundary area has a lot of odd corners and crooks the wire fencing can’t get around. This takes up more time and energy to set up the wires and flags.

Moreover, the larger your area is, the longer it takes to set up the wired fence. Dog fences like these are also not portable or travel-friendly. The permanency of their installation makes it impossible to transport the fencing. Pet owners would resort to manual guarding or bringing a portable electric dog fence.

Since a wired dog fence needs a permanent placement, it is hard to change or fix once it’s set up. You need to be specific in the boundary placement before setting up the wires. If you plan on reconstructing your home or yard, you might want to do that first before setting up the dog fence.

The major advantage of setting up a wired dog fence is its ease of installation. The secondary advantage is the flexibility of its shape. You can set it up around your house or around plants that you want to keep your dog away from.

You will not have to keep a watch on your pet when it nears the edge of your lawn or your flowers. It is also flexible enough to build in any shape that you like. Pet owners like you appreciate the customized ability the wired fence allows.

Best Wired Dog Fences

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Wireless Dog Fence

Same as the wired dog fence, you have to put a collar on your dog to make a wireless dog fence work. You should place this collar’s transmitter in the center of your home. This creates a radius of your dog’s limited playing area.

It has a set reach, so when your dog tries to go past the boundary area, the collar will give it an electrical shock. It works much as the wired dog fence does. Over time, the dog will learn where not to go and will stay in the area where it can play. There are also wireless dog fences that offer GPS capabilities. A GPS wireless dog fence is a specialized product that allows you to track your dog’s location and monitor its current movement. This is helpful if you have a large amount of land or if your dog were to escape your yard.

Wireless fence systems offer a hassle-free alternative to a physical fence or in-ground fences with buried wires. An invisible dog fence is easy to install compared to the wired dog fence since you do not have to set up anything. You only need the transmitter and the receiver collar. It generally does not take any shape of an area. As long as it is within the set radius, your dog would be safe to roam around your yard.

On the downside, it takes a specific radius of the boundary area so you can’t set it up according to the shape you like. For example, your dog can still go further out, but the transmitter prohibits them from doing so. This will limit your dog’s play area unless you opt for a transmitter that has a larger radius.

Best Wireless Dog Fences

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Wireless Dog Fence

We’ve discussed the differences between a wired dog fence and wireless or invisible dog fence. It’s time to move on with the things you need to consider before purchasing a wireless dog fence.

As mentioned above, many dog owners prefer to install this kind of dog fence because its installation process is much easier. It works the same as a wired dog fence, with less labor intensive work. Aside from these, there are more things you should take into account, as follows.

Capacity to Cover Area

A major concern before buying an invisible dog fence is if it caters to the boundary size you need. A wireless dog fence has no wires; you only have the transmitter to rely on when it comes to the limit of the dog fence. How much of the area it can cover or not should be on your mind. Some transmitters can only cover an acre; others that are more powerful can cover 25 acres or beyond that.

When looking at a wireless electric dog fence, you should look at the shape the transmitter can carry. Consider what area the transmitter works best in. You’ll want to determine if the transmitter can pass through obstructions. Will it go through tree-lined areas or sloped landscapes? Some wireless dog fence systems limit the transmitter with a circular radius. It is hard to find a custom shape wireless dog fence. If you have an odd-shaped home, this might not cover every inch of the area that you want your dog to stay within.

Moreover, most houses have a rectangular-shaped lot. There are also wireless electric dog fences that cannot cater to an area that is more than five acres. If you have a small space, an electric wireless dog fence system like this would be enough. Otherwise, you should opt for one that has a much bigger capacity.

Lastly, some dog fence systems can’t pass through structure materials like wood or metal. If you have a lot of wooded areas in your home, the radius might limit its reach to those points. You should also avoid setting up your transmitter in a spot where there are metal structures like a fridge or a furnace.

Things to consider before buying a dog fence

Ease of Installation

A wireless electric dog fence is easy to set up since you do not have to build, tie, hammer, or dig anything. You only need to take the transmitter out of the box and set it up on your computer or laptop. It also takes less than an hour to set up an electric fence and have it running. Moving around, you can carry the transmitter with you, which then sets another area of radius for your dog.

You should find a spot in your home to position the transmitter without any barrier. Placement should have a nearby 120-volt outlet away from weather turbulence. You should also look for an area that would not have a temperature below freezing point. Try to position the transmitter on the first floor of your home so it can accommodate the radius of the invisible dog fence.

Maximum Number of Dogs Allowed

Before buying a wireless dog fence, you need to consider the number of dogs you need to program into the wireless transmitter system. This simple factor can help you decide on the best wireless dog fence for your pets. For example, a transmitter system would not be as useful if it cannot accommodate your three dogs. The number of dogs you can program into the transmitter system depends on the maximum receiver collars allowed.

Some brands allow only one receiver collar per transmitter, some two, and some more. If you have more than one dog in the house, it’s best to make this consideration a priority. If you only have one dog to train, then it would be easier and faster for you to look for a suitable wireless dog fence. Most brands allow only one dog per transmitter while providing all the key features you need to effectively keep your dog contained.


With invisible dog fences, most brands allow a 1-year warranty on average. This allows you to contact them in case you need help with your purchase. Most customer service staff are also accommodating and would assist you with your queries and concerns. Like with other products, brands that sell wireless dog fences replace damaged products whether on arrival or after usage.

As long as it is within the warranty period, brands are willing to extend their service to the customer. A brand that provides warranty on their products is likely to take better care of their customers. As a pet owner, you should look for an electric dog fence brand that has a reasonable warranty period. This gives you time to return or replace the product if you are not completely satisfied with it.

Features of a Dog Collar to Look For

We’ve covered the installation process, the size capacity, the warranty, and the maximum number of receiver collars. With those out of the way, you also need to consider the features of the dog collar. You want to be sure that it fits your furry friend well, and has all the essential features you need. This is broken down into different factors. It includes correction levels, receiver battery, collar size, dog weight/age and water resistance. Let’s discuss each one.

Best Wireless Dog Fence Collars

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Correction Levels

Looking into wireless dog fences, you need to consider the number of correction levels the receiver collar allows. Each static correction depends on the pain tolerance and behavior of your dog. If your pet is still a puppy, you should not use a static correction level that is too high. If your dog is a large breed, you may need a stronger correction level. Otherwise, the wireless dog fence would not keep your dog from going beyond the boundary.

How many correction levels does the receiver collar have? Does it have other features? Is it also suitable for all kinds of dogs? Aside from correction levels, some brands also include beep settings and “tone only” modes. These sounds from the receiver collars are added features and give a warning rather than a shock. These features are also helpful for hearing-impaired dogs.

If your pet is sensitive to physical pain, the subtle beeps or tones may be enough to warn them away. Some receiver collars emit a tone before producing static corrections. It helps train your dog to back away from the boundary area. If your dog proceeds to go beyond the boundary after the tonal warning, the receiver collar will then release a light static. This gradually increases until your dog understands how the fence correction works.

Receiver Battery

Another factor that you should consider before buying a wireless dog fence is the lasting power of the receiver collar’s battery. This depends on the usage, but there are brands that last a long time after a full day’s work. For example, there are receiver collars that last for a couple of months when used sparingly. Contrary to this, there are others that only last a few days until you need to recharge them.

You should also take into account if the receiver collar has rechargeable or replaceable batteries. Is the collar rechargeable or do you need to stock up on disposable batteries? If it is rechargeable, how often do you need to charge it? Does the package come with a charger or you need to buy it separately?

With rechargeable batteries, there is no need to keep a lot of batteries in stock. If the receiver collar has replaceable batteries, you need to be aware of its voltage power, so you know what to buy next time. If the collar comes with batteries, are they proprietary or nonproprietary? Proprietary batteries are harder to find and are more expensive. Non-proprietary batteries are cheaper, and you can buy them pretty much everywhere.

Best Wireless Dog Fence Batteries

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Collar Size

A wireless dog fence would is most effective when the receiver collar fits the dog properly. This allows the static correction to flow from the transmitter to the receiver collar. If the collar is too loose, the dog might not feel the vibrations caused by the static corrections. If it’s too tight on the dog’s neck, it might suffocate your pet and limit its mobility. It is important to note the size of a receiver collar before purchasing it.

Measure your dog’s neck size to avoid sizing mistakes when buying. This might result in you buying the wrong product, thereby wasting time and money. The good thing is, most receiver collars are flexible to various sized dogs. These are adjustable enough to fit your dog’s neck. Lastly, take note of the indicated size on the product’s box prior purchasing. Brand packaging will state if the electric wireless dog fence is suitable for small, medium or large dogs.

Minimum Dog Weight

Most wireless dog fence brands state a minimum dog weight rule for the transmitter system to be effective. Thus, aside from the neck size, you also need to measure your dog’s weight. If you have a large dog, it might even be an advantage for you. The majority of invisible dog fence brands cater to large breeds and have a minimum of 5 pounds per dog. Either way, make sure to check the labels and know the weight range of the product before buying it.

Minimum Dog Age

The minimum dog age needs per wireless dog fence should also be considered before you buy. Puppies are naturally playful creatures. At a young age, they do not need to be trained yet. If your puppy is still below 6 months, let it enjoy its freedom. Puppies this young are still small enough to be left inside the house. Once bigger, the perfect time to train them outdoors will come.

You can do this while teaching them the proper boundaries of your home. For safe practices, wait until your pet is old enough for shock corrections. Training them too young and small might leave them traumatized or, worse, hostile. Their young bodies are not yet meant to receive static sensations. It is best to train them once their bodies are more capable and resistant to physical jolts.

Water Resistance

Electronic gadgets and devices are best used while avoiding water and moisture. However, some wireless dog fences allow a little splash here and there. Some wireless products are made to withstand drizzles, sometimes even rain. To be sure, ask this question: Is this invisible wireless dog fence weatherproof, waterproof or water resistant?

Those three terms are different from each other. It’s best to determine which category the wireless dog fence falls into. Having a weatherproof dog fence means it can withstand heat rays of the sun, strong winds, and harsh weather. Waterproof means it is impervious to water. Water resistant means the dog fence can resist the penetration of water, but not entirely.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between a waterproof and a water-resistant dog collar. For example, if you’re a homeowner who holds pool parties, you need to get a wireless electric dog fence with a waterproof dog collar. A waterproof collar means it can be submerged in water for a prolonged period. Meanwhile, a water-resistant collar can only be wet for so long before it gets damaged. Thus, it can only stand sprinkles or drops of water.


If there is one person who knows how playful your dog can be, it should be you. You should have good judgment if the dog collar that comes with the transmitter is durable enough. You might also want to look at its control options. Some collars have an on/off switch. Or at least have a safety timeout to prevent your dog from receiving too many electric shocks. You should observe this if your pet is being trained to the whole wireless electric dog fence system.


The boundary area is an important aspect of buying a wireless dog fence. It should be big enough to allow your dog a reasonable playing and training area. Yet, compact enough to accommodate the size of your home or backyard.

Dog fences generally have different shapes and sizes. Most electric wireless dog fences have a circular capacity, which takes away the hassle of setting up your dog fence to a preferred shape. To set up, you only need to find a safe spot to set the transmitter. Then, let it manage the safe zone or boundary area for your invisible fence.

How specific is your boundary area? Do you need a transmitter that can accommodate an acre? 2? or more? How big is your backyard? Do you need the entire space or only a small area to keep your dogs safe? These are the questions you need to face when deciding on the boundary area and range. Once you know how small or big of space is needed, it will be easy for you to find the best wireless dog fence for your furry friend.

How Does an Invisible Fence Work?

The Items and Their Functions

Before wondering how does electric fence work, take note of the two essential items in the electric fences you bought. You have a larger piece, which is called the transmitter and a smaller one called the receiver collar. These two will work together in keeping your dog within a safe area. You will have to place the transmitter within some secure area where you can also easily see them. The receiver collar will be put around the dog’s neck and will act as his locator.

There are also transmitters which connect to your WiFi. This feature makes it more convenient to work with the fence and requires less effort from the owner. Wireless dog fences are easy and quick to install, you can watch videos on Youtube to guide you. You also do not have to freak out as manuals often come with the packages.

With the help of the transmitter, you can set a radius wherein you will allow your dog to roam around. Most transmitters can track the receiver-collar within 15 feet to 90 feet range. This feature gives you the option to allow the dog to play around within that particular area. The option of adding multiple transmitters can also work if you wish to give your dog a larger play area.

Setting Invisible Fences Up

Once the desired security radius had been set-up and the collar is on the dog, the fence is ready. The receiver collar is invisibly connected to the transmitter if the dog stays within the boundary area. The moment the dog leaves the safe radius, the collar loses contact with the transmitter. In this instance, the receiver collar gives the dog a bearable corrective electric shock. This sensation alarms the dog that it is outside the area where it can walk around and play

Training Your Dog On Invisible Fence

Guiding Your Dog

Even though electric fences do the guarding and disciplining job, the owner has his or her part to do in the first few days of using it. Now that you know how invisible fences work, you will have to do your part as the owner of the dog. After setting the guarded distance for your dog, you can place signs that will tell the dog that he or she is almost leaving the guarded area. You can use flags or ropes to determine the borderline. It will be beneficial if you take the dog for a walk within the safe zone to orient him to the area.

The dog will learn where it can keep on playing and where it needs to stay out of. After teaching the dog and determining the borderlines, it will be helpful if you walk the dog around the perimeter. Walking with your dog is also a great way to make him aware of the allowable roaming distance. Your presence will help them realize that adherence to the boundary will avoid the electric shocks and currents.

Letting Your Pet Go On Its Own

Once you have oriented the dog, you can let the dog wear the collar while playing in the safe radius. In the first few days of this process, your presence is quite vital. Your presence will let the dog know that the electric currents are under control and authorized by you.

This process will also condition him to stay within guarded lines. Consistency and patience are the keys to this training process. Training and conditioning the dog to stay where you want it to may take a week or two. After that, the dog will be well-oriented, and the transmitter and the receiver collar will do its work on its own.

Reminders in using the invisible fence

Keep in mind that batteries in your dog’s receiver collar might need replacement whenever necessary. It is important that you know which battery works with your pet’s receiver collar and have some spare of it. Knowing how does invisible dog fence work and knowing what to do with your dog in the process will help you make the most out of it. It will save you time and money and of course, effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age or size limits for my pet to be trained using a containment system?

There aren’t any age and size limits for your pets to be trained using a containment system. The shock from the collars is completely harmless so you don’t need to worry about it hurting your pets.

However, it’s highly advisable that your pet should be at least eight weeks old. You can begin training a puppy with flags when it is four months and older. To start training your pets with the assistance of the shock or stimulation, wait until your pets are at least 6 months old. 

What is the maximum range for a wireless dog fence?

It really depends on the manufacturer. Smaller systems usually cover 1 acre, while some advanced systems can cover up to 25 acres.

How to properly install wireless dog fence?

Put the transmitter in a central area. Make sure it is near a power source. You should place it in a dry area with adequate ventilation. Keep the transmitter away from heavy or large metal objects. These can interfere with the wireless dog fence coverage area.

How long do the batteries last?

Battery life depends on the product you bought, the kind of battery it uses and how often your pet uses the system. Rechargeable collars would last for more or less 2 to 3 weeks before it needs to be charged. Replaceable batteries used in collars can last for about 2 to 6 months before you need to replace it.

If my dog is deaf, will the collar still alarm him in any way?

There are variations of pet containment system in which you can choose from. You need to check the product and verify it. Some collars have a tone or beeping system to give a warning alarm to the pet. There are also collars that vibrate which are what you need. Check out containment systems that have vibrating collars or collars that have a vibrate mode; this will be the most useful for your pet.

Can I add another receiver collar to my containment system?

Yes. There are available receiver collars that are bought separately. Actually, you can add as many collars as you want as long as it is compatible with the system you are using.

What exactly is a Wireless containment system?

As the name suggests, a wireless containment system requires no wire and is usually portable. You have to identify your desired boundary for your pet and set it by turning a knob on the transmitter to make a wireless boundary for your pet. The receiver collar then receives radio signals from the transmitter to alarm your pets.

frequently asked questions wireless dog fence

How can you tell if there is a problem with the system?

Most containment systems are built to have signals as to if it is still functioning correctly. The transmitter usually has lights that indicate how they are performing. You just need to be knowledgeable about your system, read the manual for you to know each light and what they indicate. Then you can quickly identify if the system needs fixing or replacement.

Is it okay to let my dog wear the collar at all times?

No. It is strictly not allowed to make your pets wear the collar all the time. Your pets should only wear the collar for a maximum of 12 hours. Most collars cause irritation for sensitive pets so owners should check their pet’s neck from time to time to see if their neck is irritated.

Does the shock harm my pet?

The alarm emitted by the collar is harmless. It is set to be unpleasant that your pet would not like it but it does no harm of any kind to your pets. Depending on the model of the containment system and collar you use, there are levels of adjustment. This is for you to customize the stimulation based on your dog’s breed, size, and their personality.

A correction will only happen if your pet attempts to pass the certain boundaries set. If you purposely want to take your dog outside the boundary, you need to remove the dog’s collar that is connected to the system.

Do dog fences really work?

With proper installation, discipline, and training, dog fencing work well. If you are quite a busy person and have a concern about the dangers that your dog can encounter outside your backyard, it is an advantage to use dog fences. This is to secure your pets when you are not around to watch them closely. If there are problems, you could always contact the customer service hotline for the brand you chose.

Are there indoor systems available?

Of course, there are many indoor systems. You just have to choose the right one according to your style of dog training and those that suit your pets.

How long does it take to train a dog?

Usually, it takes about more or less, 15 days depending on your pet and their personality. With the right setting and discipline, you and your pet would have a fun time while training that you would not notice the days passing by.

What are a receiver collar and its function?

It is a small object, usually square in shape that is attached to the collar. This tiny thing reacts to the radio signal or the signal given off by the system when your dog is in the “warning zone”. The receiver gives off the shock or the stimulation already when your pet enters the correction zone.

Is it possible for my pet to get over corrected?

It is unlikely to get your dog overcorrected. The systems are designed to protect pets and not harm them. The collar will correct your dog when it gets to the boundary area. It will immediately stop correcting or shocking if your pet does not exit the boundary correction zone after 15 to 20 seconds.

Do these system work with cats?

Yes. There are systems that are absolutely compatible with cats. There are systems that have a small and light receiver that will work well with dogs and even cats.

How long is the wire needed?

It depends on the perimeter of your yard. All of the available systems contain 500 feet of wire. The size of the yard matters, if the perimeter you want to contain exceeds 500 feet, then you might need more wire. You need to measure the part you want to wire off or contain. This is to know how much wire you should order.

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Final Review of The Best Wireless Dog Fence

So, what is the best wireless dog fence? Our choice is the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System. It offers a safe and simple form of pet containment. Just plug in the transmitter in your home, put the waterproof receiver collar on your dog, and that’s it. Usually, it takes 2 weeks for a dog to get used to the “invisible” dog fence. Your dog will learn not to wander past the boundary, helping ensure its safety while giving you peace of mind.