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Best Wireless Dog Fence With Rechargeable Collar

Having a wireless dog fence in your house can be really beneficial for you and your dog. This is particularly useful if you are just starting to train your dog. A wireless dog fence can keep your dog safe and sound within the safe space of your home. To further enhance your wireless dog fence experience, you can invest in a rechargeable collar.

This allows your dog to take a break from wearing the collar all day. You can freely charge the collar at night when everyone is asleep, and your house is locked down from outsiders. Read this article to know the best wireless dog fences with a rechargeable collar in the market.

1. PetSafe Stubborn Dog Stay + Play Wireless Fence Receiver Collar

PetSafe is a leading brand in the pet behavior and lifestyle industry, and it is no wonder why. The brand always comes up with innovative ways to make pet owners’ lives easier.

Take this PetSafe Stubborn Dog Stay + Play Wireless Fence Receiver Collar for example. It is a rechargeable receiver collar that can fully charge in just two to three hours.

Each charge can last up to three weeks, which is a long time for your pets’ security and safety.

This receiver collar has five levels of static correction to help you choose the best level for your dog. Each level of static correction corresponds to a dog’s level of pain tolerance. Thus, you can definitely use this for small, medium, and large dogs. The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Collar extends up to 28 inches of neck size.

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2. PetSafe PIF00-12917 2-Dog Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence System

You would surely love this next PetSafe product for its light weight and portability. The PetSafe PIF00-12917 includes a free shipping if you are in the United States.

Like the other PetSafe products included in the list, this Wireless Dog Fence System comes with a rechargeable dog collar. It only takes two to three hours to charge, making it energy efficient.

This rechargeable dog collar has five levels of static correction and a tone-only mode for training your dogs.

The tone-only mode is especially useful for dogs over five pounds with neck-sized from six to 23 inches. Overall, the PetSafe PIF00-12917 Wireless Dog Fence System can cover a perimeter of 3/4 of an acre.

Since it is portable, you can bring this wireless fence system with you anywhere with you – even on campings and outdoor trips with your friends and family.

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3. PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar

Another rechargeable dog collar from the same brand is the PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar.

Unlike the first PetSafe Dog Collar mentioned, the PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar lasts up to 2 months of usage with 2-3 hours of full charging. This particular collar works best with the PetSafe In-Ground Fence System.

It is a rechargeable and waterproof receiver collar that fits small to large dogs with neck sizes between 6 and 26 inches.

It includes correction levels to best suit your dog’s training needs. The charger that comes with the package allows the charging of two collars at the same time using its two plugs. In the case of low battery, the receiver collar notifies you with blinking lights.

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4. Combo Electric Dog Fence System with Wireless Remote Dog Training Collar by Pet Control HQ

Pet Control HQ offers this product that has it all when in terms of pet training. The system has a collar that can be used in Electric Dog Fence System and as a Remote Dog Training System that can be used in controlling the pet’s behavior.

The collar is rechargeable and 100% waterproof that can be used in any season. It is fit to any type of dogs especially to those with a neck size of up to 27 inches and weighs up to 154 pounds. You can even purchase additional collar to make a 3 dogs system.

It is an effective tool for training dogs because they respond well with the vibration given by the receiver wherein it can be set up to level ten of static and correction.

The system is easy to pair and it is easy to set up as long as you follow the instructions on manual. Many have testified that this product is excellent and it is highly recommended because it works perfectly with stubborn dogs.

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5. DOG ZONE Wireless Radio Frequency Dog Fence Containment System

This wireless dog fence showcases a developed system for the collar and the controller. Its system communicates with the collar and tracks the location of the dog.

The collar helps in correcting and training the dog with the help of beeping tone and static. Its collar is rechargeable and waterproof too.

You can be worry-free with DOG ZONE’s dog fence containment system because it is safe for your pet plus the fact that it can train your dog to know their boundaries.

You can easily install it because there is an e-book of manual and tips on how to use it and on how to troubleshoot it. It can be used by any type of dogs and can be used for multiple dogs, too.

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6. Everteco Wireless Dog Fence Wire-Free Pet Containment System

If you hate to dig up and bury wires on the ground, Everteco wireless pet fencing system can be your solution for this. The transmitter and the receiving collar are both chargeable and can be pair up easily.

The transmitter works on freezing temperature or in any season and works on radio signals. Just make sure that the transmitter has an adjustable signal function to work well.

You can also adjust the circle size as you adjust the signal level. They also offer a lifetime technical support and they have a great customer service which makes this product more awesome making it one of the best wireless dog fence to purchase.

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