Manually training your dog can be one of the most strenuous activities you have to do as a pet owner. A part of training your dog is making it learn the boundaries and safe spaces of your home. This is where a wireless dog fence comes in. With a good containment system to keep your dogs safe and secure, you would no longer have to bother chasing after them.

Even better, invest in a wireless dog fence with a remote trainer, which can be your second hand in rewarding or reprimanding your pet. With a remote trainer to pet or guide your dog, you can teach it the basics of a dog fence without getting up from your seat. Read this article to know some good products on wireless dog fences with a remote trainer.

Best Wireless Dog Fence with a Remote Trainer

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1. PetSafe Adventure Dog Trainer

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The last product in the list is the Adventure Dog Trainer from PetSafe. It has eight levels of static correction and two tone levels (beep) to teach your dog commands and correct behavior.

It is capable of guarding an open field that is 800 yards big. This is perfect for indoor and outdoor walks.

The dog collar is rechargeable and, at the same time, waterproof that you can even submerge it in five feet of water.

You can train as many as three dogs at the same time using the PetSafe Adventure Dog Trainer, all with separate dog collars each. This dog trainer is particularly designed for dogs that are over eight pounds with neck sizes up to 28 inches.

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2. FunAce Electronic Invisible Pet Fence Containment and Remote Dog Trainer

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The FunAce Electronic Invisible Pet Fence Containment System includes a 2-in-1 remote trainer that is both rechargeable and waterproof.

It is extra thick with a 0.6mm size, 22 gauge, and 600-feet wire. It has four training modes including vibration, beep, shock, and search.

With this smart remote trainer, you can conveniently track your dog’s location minus the search party.

The wired fence that comes with the containment system can be expanded and customized up to 10 acres. It contains perimeter flags so you can see if your dog is still within the boundary.

This powerful dog trainer can train up to 6 dogs separately and simultaneously with the four control modes mentioned above. Its signal range can reach up to 1,500 feet in an open space.

This 100% waterproof pet collar has powerful vibration and shocks to train your dog properly. It can fit dogs that have a neck size ranging from 2 to 22 inches. Two receiver collars are already included in the set. Only have one dog? No problem, you can keep the other collar as an extra.

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3. AsyPets Dog Training Collar 

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This next dog training collar comes with three different modes: beep, vibration, and shock. AsyPets’s Dog Training Collar comes with a rechargeable remote control for focused training.

This professional training collar can reach up to 450 yards of field. It can be used to correct your dog with barking, walking, leash training, and other behaviors.

More good news – it comes with a 2-in-1 charger where you can charge the collar and the transmitter at the same time. Once fully charged, these can be used for as long as two weeks before recharging. This makes it energy and time efficient for you and your dog.

There is a total of 16 available levels of stimulation to help you train your dog effectively. Each level of correction can be matched with your dog’s level of pain tolerance. Furthermore, one remote control could manage two receiver collars at the same time.

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