A German longhaired pointer in a yard that uses the best wireless dog fence with 2-acre coverage

When looking into wireless dog fences, how big of an area they can cover important. You want enough space that your dog can let loose and have some fun. It may even seem like a waste of money to install a system if it doesn’t provide enough room for your dog to burn off some energy. Depending on your needs, finding the best wireless dog fence with 2-acre coverage may be essential.

Two acres is enough room for your dog to get out all their zoomies. However, not all brands fit the bill. Some don’t offer enough space while others may give them too much. With all the choices on the market today, trying to find the right system for you and your dog can be downright overwhelming.

To make things easier on you, we decided to round up all the contenders for the best wireless dog fence with 2-acre coverage available today. That way, you can find the perfect fit without wasting hours online researching your options So, instead of spending your time shopping you can focus on dog training and playtime.

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Best Wireless Dog Fence with 2-Acre Coverage

Here are our top picks for the best dog fence with 2-acre coverage:

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1. OUR BEST PICK! – PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

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This wireless containment system from Petsafe has a wireless boundary, and it can cover up to ¾ of an acre that has an adjustable range of 105 feet in every direction from the transmitter indoors. You are also allowed to add an unlimited number of pets if you purchase additional receiver collars that are compatible with this Petsafe wireless containment system model.

The collar of this system is designed to be rechargeable, and it can last up to 3 weeks if frequently used. The collar charges quickly and it is also designed to have five levels of correction plus a tone-only mode that you can switch to during training.


Wireless boundary

Adjustable range

Can handle an unlimited number of pets with extra collars

A rechargeable collar that lasts long

Portable and easy to set-up


Not compatible with all land shapes and types

Warranty does not cover all items

This wireless pet fence is easy to set up, and it is also designed to be portable so you can bring it with you during outdoor activities and vacations with your pet. The downside of this system is that it is not compatible with every landscape and in case there are some issues with the product the warranty will not cover some of the items like the adaptor so you may have to watch out for that.

2. PetSafe PIF00-12917 2-Dog Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence System

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Lightweight and easy to carry, this wireless transmitter is portable, and it also has an adjustable circular perimeter that can go up to ¾ of an acre. The system comes with two collars that can be fully recharged in as short as 2 to 3 hours! Moreover, it is also designed to fit the neck of your pet comfortably. The collar has five levels of static correction plus a tone mode for training your pets.



Adjustable circular perimeter

Short charging and comfortable collars

System alarms if there is a power shortage


Not suitable for all pet sizes

Not suitable for all land types

Faint alarm

Return policy only last for 30 days

The collar is designed to fit dogs that weigh over 5 pounds and has a neck size within the range of 6 to 23 inches, so if you have small pets, then this is not recommended for you. The system will alarm you once the power goes out. However, there are some complaints that the beep tone is too faint. If there are any defects or malfunctions, make sure to contact the customer service immediately since the return policy only lasts for 30 days.

3. Sit Boo-Boo Advanced In-Ground Electric Dog Fence System

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Sit Boo-boo’s wireless pet system has a unique feature, and that is it auto adjusts to every single pet’s personality. It can change its tone, vibration, and even static depending on the pet. It is made to last and reach far places, the transmitter can go as far as 20 acres, and it is made with a thick solid copper material that can withstand harsh conditions.


Flexible and fits every pet perfectly

Transmitter can reach up to 20 acres

Can withstand harsh conditions

Waterproof (up to a minute) and can handle harsh weather

Suits big small and big dogs

1-year warranty

Safety-shutoff feature


Random system shock

Inconsistent at times

The system is also designed with the safety of the pet in mind, and it has a 10-second safety shutoff that automatically shuts off when needed. The collars can even handle the weather, it is waterproof and can be submerged up to a minute. The system is also compatible with big dogs and small dogs alike. There are times though that the collar will randomly give shocks. If there are problems with inconsistency, don’t worry since there is a 1-year replacement warranty.

4. eXtreme Dog Fence – Invisible Electronic Pet Fence Updated for 2018

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This wireless dog fence from friendly pet products is now enhanced and has a lot of new features including a re-enforced collar, an updated radio software for reliability, and a new collar housing. Made with state-of-the-art technology, it is now more safe and effective and allows you to have exact control over the location of your fence.

The In-ground fence cord has no transmitter holes so you can place the fence anywhere you want, and in any shape you want. The system comes with a cable that is enough for 1/3 of an acre and is expandable up to 25 acres. However, you can have unlimited coverage, if you have an extra transmitter and an extra cord.


Made with new technology

Customizable fence shape

Good for large land

Water-resistant collars

Lifetime warranty


The collar might easily break

The system might have glitches if near electric gadgets

The system comes with water-resistant collars that have five levels of correction so you can train your pet to get used to the system. There are some issues with the collar, so if in case you suffer from a glitchy system or a broken collar or are just not satisfied with the system, the manufacturer has a 100% money-back guarantee that will last a lifetime. So if there is any problem just give the manufacturer a call.

5. FunAce 100% Wireless Pet Containment System

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This wireless pet fence is 100% wire-free and easy to use. It has a customized cordless radial-shaped boundary that you can adjust from 1 up to 500 feet in radius. It will form an invisible circular barrier that will contain your dog within the parameter you have set. Whether it is rain or shine, it is also dependable since it is designed to be water-resistant, so your dog can roll around in the wet grass, or play with the water sprinkles.

The collar this product comes with is also rechargeable, so you save some money from buying new batteries, and it is also less of a hassle as opposed to buying new batteries every time you run out. The product comes with a patented compact wifi radio transmitter and a receiver collar that is designed to have an anti-shock feature that will only induce shock for just 54-second max when your dog slips past the boundary zone. The design is incorporated so as to ensure a safe and harmless boundary system for you and your pet.


Completely wireless


Rechargeable collar

Great Signal even on uneven land

Can be used on very big farms

Collar suits small and big dogs


Can be time-consuming to install

Nearby electronic gadgets may disrupt the signal

A great thing about this system is it can reach the signal even if there’s a small slope as long as the transmitter is placed in a high enough place. It can also support big farms that are as big as 17-acres. The strap on the collar is suitable for both small and big dogs since it can fit neck sizes that range from 0 to 24 inches and since the receiver collar only weighs 0.25 pounds. You can choose to bring this wireless pet containment on camping trips since it is also portable.

If you have extra stubborn dogs, don’t worry because FunAce also designed a dog fence that is suitable for dogs that are hard to train and it can support large dogs. Just remember to follow the step-by-step instruction so you will not have a hard time in teaching your pets.

6. Perimeter Wi-Fi Wire-Free Dog Fence

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This next product also has a broad range of coverage for your dog’s training ground. The Perimeter Wifi Wire-Free Dog Fence can cover up to 2.5 acres of land. It comes with rechargeable and waterproof collars that have eight correction levels. It can accommodate two dogs so you can train both at the same time.

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2.5 acres of ground is enough to allow your dog sufficient space to play around and be trained at the same time. It is important to give your dog the proper space it deserves. It would learn quicker this way, knowing that it is not limited to a few square feet.

7. FunAce 100% Wireless 1-Dog Pet Containment System

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If you have a hard-headed pet, then check this pet containment system from FunAce. It is designed to train stubborn dogs and get the job done. The product comes with a rechargeable transmitter and is suitable for Large Estates. The transmitter and outdoor fence are 100% wire-free, and you can bring it out for camping or during outdoor activities. In case of a power outage, this transmitter can maintain its power and functionality for up to 20 more hours, so you do not have to worry about your dog wandering anywhere.


Can handle stubborn dogs

Rechargeable transmitter

Good for large land

Completely wire-free and portable

Last long and collar has an anti-shock design

Supports unlimited number of collars

Works for all dog breeds


Signal may get disrupted by electronic objects

Only has a circular shape

The product also has its compact wi-fi, radio transmitter and a receiver collar that has an anti-over shock design that will shock your dog for only a short and specific amount of time when he is beyond the boundaries. This product is designed to keep and contain your pet safely. The product can also support an unlimited number of collars at the same time, plus it works with all types of dog breed.

There are some who are not satisfied with the signal of the product, so make sure to place your transmitter in an area with no metal object or electromagnetic source. The setup can quickly be done, though it is mostly recommended for yards with a circular shape. Remember to follow the instructions so as not to have any problems when setting this wireless containment system.

8. SportDOG Heavy Duty Electronic Wireless Pet Fence By Dog Zone

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If you think the Havahart wireless fence is unbeatable with its 11-acre coverage, think again. The Dual Zone Heavy Duty Electronic Wireless Pet Fence by Dog Zone can cover up to 12 acres of ground. This wireless fence system comes with a water-resistant and rechargeable dog collar. It fits dogs that are over eight pounds. Aside from covering a vast scope of a training ground, the Dual Zone Pet Fence can also accommodate multiple collars (sold separately).

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Dog Zone produces 100% safe and reliable wireless containment systems that emit low-voltage shock collars. This is perfect for training your dog with the precise boundaries of your home. It sends vibrating signals to your dog first before releasing correctional shocks. You can read the user manual that comes with it to better understand the product.

9. Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence

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Havahart is one of the most known wireless dog fence brands in the industry today. It excels in quality, effectiveness, and sufficient coverage when it comes to keeping your dog safe and properly trained. You would be glad to know that the Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence can not only accommodate up to two acres of a training ground but 11 acres.

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This gives your dog plenty of room if you have a big house and land. However, you do not have to maximize this coverage. It only gives owners the option to widen the wireless dog fence’s coverage as necessary. This is particularly helpful if you have several dogs that typically stay outdoors all day. The huge coverage is also beneficial for homeowners who have a huge land or backyard.

The Havahart may be the best wireless dog fence with 2-acre coverage because it includes a waterproof collar that fits dogs with neck sizes from 12 to 17 inches. In addition, this product can accommodate up to two dogs, each having adjustable correction levels on the collars. The Havahart wireless fence system is easy to install with no burying of wires required.

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What system do you think is the best wireless dog fence with 2-acre coverage? We love hearing the opinions of real people. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.