Old school fences used as your dog’s limitation or indication of where he or she should play are already obsolete. Aside from that, it is also counted nowadays as inconvenient, since it can get easily destroyed by either humans or natural elements.

However, this should not be an issue for pet owners who want to be sure of the safety of their pets (and those who want to know where their pets have been roaming around)—all thanks to technology’s aid through electric dog fences.

Dog fences in the market have two types—the wired and wireless. The involvement of wires is what sets each of them different from the other. Wired fences requires the owner to set up wires and even dig up grounds  to set this kind of dog fence up.  Once the setup of the wires is done, the user can now utilize the collar which will give the dog signals when he or she had gone beyond limit.

On the other hand, wireless requires the owner to digitally set or customize the limit wherein the dog can play around then place it anywhere he or she pleases. Some wireless dog fences available in the market are portable, which allows the owner to utilize it not just at home but also outdoors and during family travels.

Most pet owners prefer wireless dog fences because of the convenience it offers in setting up and the long-lasting usage and service it can offer to them. However, there are still some who prefer wired dog fences since it is not affected by any radio or signal interference.

Whatever reasons you might have for buying a dog fence or whatever type you want to use, you have a wide array of options in the market that focus on the different aspects you might be looking for in a dog fence.

Wired Dog Fence

1. OUR TOP PICK – Stubborn Dog Electric Fence

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One of the highlights of this wired dog fencing product is that it has unlimited number of dogs which it can support. Users may take advantage of this feature through the PetSafe In-Ground receiver collars except YardMax and UltraSmart.

This fencing device gives the owner the option to customize the intensity of the correction shocks to be sent through the dogs.

These correction shocks come in four different levels which the owner can choose from. Like all other fencing devices, the pet’s safety is still assured all while giving it the discipline it deserves.

Another feature that makes this product stand out is its tone and vibration warning—which will serve excellently for deaf dogs. This goes beyond the usual tone and vibration alarm, making it inclusive for every dog, regardless of their condition. Deaf dogs’ sensitivity to tangible things and sensations will be very much utilized for their training.

The transmitter can detect the collar from a minimum distance of 1/3 acres and a maximum of 25 acres. Users may opt to adjust the detection range within this given distance.

Doing this process is not a difficult task, as the features of this product allows simple mechanisms. The adjustments on the distance detection range can already be done upon setting it up, similar to any other containment system in the market.

As for its additional collars, the Stubborn Dog Electric Fence can only accommodate a few and selected brands. Despite the small number, users can be assured that the pet’s security and location detection is in its optimal quality.


  • Tone and vibration feature will be efficient for pet owners whose pets are deaf
  • Wide and adjustable detection range


  • Has a limited flexibility when it comes to the collars that it can accommodate and guard

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2. PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats

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If you want a less-stricter wired dog fence for your pet, then this PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence is for you.

Your pet can have still have fun with the 30% expanded play area detection and protection feature.

You can also have an expansion of up to 10 acres with the aid of additional wires and flags. Users can avail the additional flags all separately either through online shops or the pet shop near you.

You can also use this wired dog fencing product in areas which you count pet-restricted with the help of Pawz Away items. These include Pawz Away items such as Pawz Away Mini, Threshold, Indoor and Outdoor Pet Barriers. All these are guaranteed to work at its optimum state with the receiver itself.

With its PerfectFit and ReadyTest Features, you can always have check on whether the collar is continuously working. It also allows you to check if it snuggly fits your cat’s or dog’s neck.

This plays a vital role in picking a collar since it can either provide comfort or discomfort to your pet. This spectrum between comfort and discomfort will determine the effectiveness of the collar as a whole. Also, the safety of your pet might be at risk once this is compromised.

Regarding its static corrections, the owner may utilize its five-level static corrections to discipline the furry little one. Each of these is customizable according to how the owner deems it necessary to intensify the shocks felt by the pet. This means that the more stubborn the pet becomes, the owner can increase the intensity of each electric corrections.


  • Expandable play area and detection feature
  • Adjustable static correction levels


  • There only a few selected brands and types of extended or expandable collar

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3. SportDog SDF-100A In-Ground Dog Fence System

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The SportDog SDF-100A Dog Fence stands out as the best among its competitors in the market because of its outstanding features. Among these features include a wire-break transmitter alarm and many useful items in the package.

The wire break transmitter alarm functions as the dog fencing product’s warning device whenever there are problems, malfunctions and wire breaks present.

Many users find this feature helpful since they do not have to worry that their dog fencing equipment is no longer working and open possibilities of their dog running away.

The feature basically set off an audio alarm and flashing lights to let you know that there are malfunctions with the wires that you need to address.  Another feature you will love is the type and number of items that are included in the package.

Upon purchasing this dog fencing equipment, you already have a 1,000-yard long wire, 100 flags and one collar receiver. You can use the flags as ground signals or signage for you and your dog’s reference.

With these items, you can already set up an invisible fence measuring about 1 1/3 acres. You can also expand the area that where you’ll allow your pet to play. This is possible through buying additional Wire and Flag Kits (SDF-WF). Also, you can add up the number of dogs under surveillance upon buying Add-A-Dog Collars (SDF-R).

Another reason to feel secured with this product is that you never have to worry that it will malfunction once the weather goes wrong. With the collar’s waterproof feature and the equipment’s built-in lightning protection, it is sure to function whatever weather there in outside.


  • Wire-break transmitter lets you know when to repair or replace the wire you have set up
  • The number of items and included in the package upon purchasing this item are plenty and very useful
  • Collars are waterproof and has built-in lightning protection


  • The buying additional collars would also mean buying additional flags, which, when evaluated, is somewhat expensive.

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4. Extreme Dog Fence Second Generation -2018

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Extreme Dog Fence Second Generation System Invisible Wired Pet Containment Fence System is designed to keep your dog away from the boundary. This wired containment system does that even before the dog actually does it.

Once your dog’s distance from your set boundary is getting smaller, an alarm will be triggered. This alarm will include an initial but light electric current, combined with a warning tone.

As he or she approaches the boundary, these shocks grow stronger and faster to alarm the dog and discipline him or her.

With these alarms, you can be assured that your dog is disciplined, but without compromising its safety. Results expected from the dog is include awareness regarding his allowable space and area to play around.

Aside from the dog’s location, this containment system also can support five dogs and up to 25 Acres.

Talking about convenience and early alarms, this product has a very convenient feature to present. Since this is a wired containment system, underground wires that malfunction are already expected. In line with this scenario, the manufacturers have designed this product with a feature to address this.

Once a wire breaks underground, sonic audio alarm will be given off to signal the owner. Aside from the audio alarm, visual alarms are also provided with the help of a flashing light. Once these signs re manifested, the owner should either address it through repairing it or replacing it.


  • The rare early-warning  feature helps the owner discipline the dog even better and more efficiently
  • Wirebreak indicators allow the user to immediately be aware of the damages that need to be addressed


  • Setting it up is very tedious, considering the wires that need to be set up and maintained throughout the usage of the product

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Wireless Dog Fence

1. OUR TOP PICK – PetSafe Pawz Away Outdoor Pet Barrier System

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This product is designed to be used outdoors is an excellent and very convenient product to own.

Included in its package upon purchase are the lightweight, waterproof collar receivers and a rock-looking transmitter that can be placed anywhere in outdoors—your garden, your pool and other places as well.

Aside from the assurance of safety regardless of the location, safety regardless of the weather is also guaranteed.

It has a barrier measuring 16’ to keep your pets within a certain area you wish to keep them in. This can still be adjusted, according to how the owner wants it to or how big the lot area allows them to.

With regards to its static correction, automatically stops 15 seconds after it had been given off to be felt by him or her. This amount of time is long enough to let the dog know that he or she is not supposed to be in that area.

As this happens, it is assured that the dog does not get harmed but gets the right kind and amount of discipline needed. If the owner deems it necessary to repeat or intensify the correction for the pet, he or she may do so.

The correction also has a progressive static feature, which makes the correction go from lightest to firmest within three seconds. Convenience is what this feature offers, since it requires minimal intervention from the part of the owner. This will give the owner more time to work on other matters and chores, without neglecting awareness of the pet’s location.


  • The collar and the receiver are very light and are waterproof
  • Can be placed anywhere and even outdoors


  • The response to the automatic shut off of the corrections might not be effective as dogs’ responses might vary

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2. FunAce Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence

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With the help of its state-of-the-art technology, the FunAce Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence allows its users to monitor exactly where their dogs are located.  Whether it is in the most distant and darkest area in your house or yard, this device will tell you.

This device will be functional for pet owners who want to assure the safety and location of their pet despite their busy schedules. Setting this dog fence system up is an easy task and would not require any professional help.

Aside from this feature which makes it a stand out, this wireless dog fence also had patent pending primary transmitter. This patent-pending feature contains shallow in-ground transmitter cord. The cord functions as transmitter of signals and projects through an invisible radio wave fence. Setting up a circular wave to guard your dog and at the same time locate them, the dog is guarded.

You can also get 10x the range of 100% cordless solutions and place it wherever you wish to. This will give you the freedom to set this up wherever and without or with minimal worrying over wires or transmitters. Cordless Fences work its signals in a fixed circular pattern, as mentioned earlier.

For proper and maximized functionality, it is highly recommended by the manufacturers that you use one transmitter per five acres. For any distance going beyond their set, you can purchase another set of additional transmitter and additional cord. Users may opt to stick with one, or purchase many of this and put more dogs under the system’s guide.


  • Gives you the exact location of your pets
  • Easy to setup


  • Fixed circular patterns might offer a disadvantage to those owning rectangular lots
  • The one transmitter per five acres is an inconvenience for those who live in larger areas or those who have a large play area for their pets

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3. Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25 Wireless Fence

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Aside from the easy set up process required to make this wireless fence function, it is also a good find for pet owners. It offers both the convenience of its size and the different modes which can be utilized.

It offers two training modes you can utilize to discipline your dog. For easy-to-train pets, you can already utilize the tone-only function. Using this will already signal the dog that he or she is going beyond the given boundary.

As for the moderate to hard-to-train dogs, you can have a wide array of levels of static correction with its 9-level correction, coming from light to firm.  These static corrections can be designated by the owner.

Another option offered is the automated switch and elevation of the intensity of the shocks. Users may opt to set it up to increase the intensity of the shocks, which happens in just a span of minutes. No matter which level you choose, you can be sure that your pet’s well-being is still prioritized over discipline.

Monitoring the functionality of the collars is also not a problem with this product since it gives a warning once its energy had been at a critical or low level. The warning is guaranteed to be evident enough so as not to leave you clueless that your fencing device is no longer functional.

It can monitor up to a maximum of two dogs, but can still function when used with additional set of collars. For optimal use, purchasing the same kind of compatible collars for this device is highly-recommended.


  • It is easy to set up and can be brought anywhere, which will be useful for people who like to take their dogs to out-of-town trips
  • Wide array of correction levels gives the user flexible options in disciplining their pets


  • The preliminary capability of this dog fencing device is quite a disadvantage for pet owners who have many dogs to accommodate

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4. PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range

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The light weight collar-receiver of this device will warn your dog using static corrections from light to firm. The intensity of the corrections grows stronger once he or she comes nearer to the zone you have set up for it.

Aiding you with automatic responses and increasing intensity, you no longer have to intervene every single time as the device will already do it for you.

All that you need for the collar to work is simply three pieces of AA batteries and are completely cordless—so as not to add any inconvenience caused by using wires.

It also has a feature which allows the users to permit certain dogs in a particular area while blocking the others at the same time. You can assign A and B areas to let some of your dogs go through a certain area in your home.

At the same time, you could also while block the rest and choose some areas where you would like to allow your dog to go to indoors (e.g. allow all of your (or just a few of your pets) to go to the bedroom but nor in the bedroom). This is one of the rarest finds in the fencing market, since there are only a few intended for indoor purposes.

What’s more to this product is that it can work with different distances and locations at the same time. It permits some to get in some areas while banning other—and all managed by the same receiver.


  • Growing static corrections offer a flexible way for the owner to discipline the pet
  • Minimal owner intervention required as the shocks intensify on its own
  • Flexibility of options regarding boundaries indoors and the specific pets are convenient for the owner


  • The intensity depends on the proximity of the dog to the zone and therefore could pose a risk regarding the correction’s intensity and the pet’s tolerance.

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You are guaranteed to find one which suits your needs, location and the number or characteristic of pets that you have in your homes. Some of these are available in pet shops or stores within your area, while some are purchased online through a variety of virtual online shops.

Despite the different methods of owning these items, you are sure to have your purchased or desired fencing product, given that you examine each of the shops by yourselves to see whether they are legitimate dealers or distributors of these items.

Having different highlight features and functions—along with the excellent quality that the wired and wireless fencing products have, you do not have to worry about not having a mediocre and not-so-secure item to guard your pets.

Aside from that, these fencing products will save you the trouble of setting up and using that old school traditional fence that you used to have and know.