Whatever your preference is, the dog fence market has it all for you—all the more why you should choose wisely. This list will help you in choosing the most suitable wireless and in-ground fence for you.

Perimeter Technologies Ultimate Electric Dog Fence

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This ultimate dog fence promises effective fencing and discipline tools with the contents of its kit. Upon purchasing this wired dog fence, the owner receives a package of high-quality materials and items.

There are two wires included in this package— a dog fence wire and a twisted wire. Specifically, these wires are 14 Gauge EXTREME Brand Dog Fence wire and the 14 Gauge EXTREME Brand Twisted Wire measuring 5000 feet and 50 feet respectively.

Aside from these wires, you will also avail an advanced digital mount transmitter and waterproof collar receivers. The collar receivers can be customized in terms of number. This means that if you want to order more than one of it, you have the option to do so.

You can customize the number through your online purchase and indicate how many of these collars you’d like to have. These collars are guaranteed with its waterproof characteristic to ensure durability.

Along with the collars come a set of Long & Short Comfort Contact Probes and another set of Long & Short Probe Covers For Training. These items are also customized according to how many collars you have ordered. Each of the collars in the set will have these two.

For the technical aspects of the collars, you can discipline the pets using five levels of correction.

As for the protection materials, the package will provide you with one Pro-Grade Surge Protector and 10 Pro-Grade Heavy Duty Sod Staples. These will ensure that the other equipment not in the dog’s neck will be waterproof, too.

Adding to the waterproof protection of this set are the 20 Waterproof Splices and wire nuts. For the visible signals and signage, the package already provides 500 boundary training flags.

Regarding the distance, you can expand the play area up to 10 acres—with the help of additional wires. With the help of this in-ground fencing set, you can guard up to five dogs with optimum functionality.  If you want more dogs under this system’s surveillance, you can opt to buy additional collars, too.


  • The package contains a lot of items and equipment that protect and prolong the life and functionality of the set
  • Covers an already large area and can still be expanded with additional wires
  • Has efficient and flexible features to discipline the pet


  • Given that it is a wired/ in-ground fence, setting this up might demand professional help and a lot of time
  • Has too many items included and might be confusing for a newbie

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2. Perimeter Technologies Comfort Contact In-Ground Dog Fence

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Whether buried deep in the soil or submerged deep into the waters, this fencing equipment promises matchless performance.

Coming with a 2500-feet eXtreme Brand 14 Gauge Wire upgrade, you can rely on its performance for a minimum of 20 years.

A compact collar receiver is included in the package. Comfort wise, this collar does its functions just right, providing rubber contact point covers.

With this feature, the collar is made a comfortable fit for dogs weighing 8 pounds up to 120 pounds. In terms of its durability, this in-ground fence provides a waterproof feature, protecting it even after a 10-feet-deep submersion.

Like the earlier-reviewed fencing product, you can put more dogs on watch using this item through additional collars.


  • The package comes with a long wire
  • The durability its promises to the buyers is quite an interesting and useful feature to have
  • Outstanding waterproof feature that is rarely found among products of its kind in the market.


  • Unlimited number of collars to be surveyed can deteriorate the quality of transmission between the collar and the other equipment
  • The in-ground fence’s waterproof feature could also serve as a disadvantage, since it is placed underground and can be transmitted with water for a longer period of time. This can result in deterioration of the waterproof covering and the underground wire itself

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3. Perimeter Technologies Comfort Contact In-Ground Dog Fence – 2000 Feet

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This in-ground dog fence pretty much shares a lot of characteristics with the in-ground fence reviewed earlier.

It has that unlimited capacity in terms of the number of collars it can track, all with the help of additional collars.

The collars included in this equipment are also guaranteed to be waterproof—would still work even after a 10-feet-deep swim.

It also does not provide functionality at the expense of the comfort of the pet. Like many others, it also provides a rubber contact pint covers to prevent irritations and fits on 8-pound up to 120-pound dogs

One feature that separates this from the one mentioned earlier is the length of the wires. It comes in a bit shorter size of 2500 feet. However, despite this difference, it still promises a 20-year reliable performance without degradation.


  • Upgraded eXtreme wire offers outstanding durability
  • 20 years of reliable performance without degradation is a rare yet very promising guarantee from manufacturers (which the upgrade can fulfill)
  • Unlimited collars under surveillance
  • Waterproof


  • Does not have much difference from the other in-ground fences in the market
  • Supporting an unlimited number of collars can be detrimental to the quality of transmission that the equipment can provide.

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4. Perimeter Technologies PTPWF-100 WiFi 2 Dog Fence System

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Another outstanding product from Perimeter Technologies is the PTPWF-100 WiFi 2 Dog Fence System.

This dog fence system uses WiFi Signal instead of the traditional wires to put your dogs within your assigned grounds.

Its 2.4 GHz WiFi signal offer wider coverage area—reaching up to 2.5 acres of coverage. This WiFi-dependent fencing product gives the user a personalized fence for two dogs as well.

As for the collars, you can train your little ones through the eight levels of stimulation.

The comfort of the pet is also not compromised as it uses light materials that will prevent irritation and fur damage.

Fitting for dogs weighing 10 lbs. up to 30 lbs., this collar is quite flexible for many dogs.


  • Uses WiFi, making it easier to set it up compared with wired fences
  • Flexible collar sizes accommodates many pets
  • Compared with other collars in the market, this one offers a wider scope in correction levels
  • The personalized fence for dogs is a rare find in the market


  • Using the WiFi with this device can slow down the speed of your internet at home
  • Cannot be used once your WiFi goes off due to untoward incidents such as black outs

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5. Perimeter Technologies Deluxe Ultra – Wire Removed

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Perimeter Technologies also offer wireless fencing equipment combining functionality and efficiency with the Deluxe Ultra – Wire Removed.

This wireless fencing equipment can guard your pets within a 5-acre radius. Aside from the wide coverage area, you can also benefit from the multiple frequency settings.

These multiple frequency settings allow you to block any interference that affects the overall performance of the equipment.

If you have a stubborn pet, you can utilize this fencing product’s flexibility in programming. This allows you to have a wide sphere of control on how intense you’d like the shocks to come in.

Also, if you own more than one pet, you can utilize the flexible system to put them under the same guarding equipment.

As for the collar, your pet will still be comfortable wearing it, given its weight of only 1.1 ounces.

A lifetime limited warranty is also offered upon purchasing this product.


  • Wide-scale of coverage compared to many wireless fencing items In the market
  • Flexible programming and system offers convenience and efficiency for the user
  • Lightweight collar offers convenience and safety for the pets


  • Multiple frequency setting might be hard to understand and work with, especially for beginners

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6. Perimeter Technologies Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact System

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Similar to the earlier-reviewed product, the Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact System also features a multiple frequency setting.

Likewise, its function is to prevent interferences that interrupt the signals and the operation as well.

Also, like the last item given, it also comes in with a lightweight and waterproof 1.1-ounce heavy receiver.

The Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact System also offers a limited lifetime warranty upon purchase.

However, there are still a few features that set this product apart from the earlier-reviewed item.

For one, this product has a deluxe system feature with twisted wires and lightning protection.

These two items are the ones that protect the system from untoward yet uncontrollable circumstances.

Aside from that, Deluxe Ultra Comfort System has patented safety features that enable continuous reliable operation.


  • The patented safety features and deluxe system feature are very helpful in ensuring that the product lasts longer and works in optimal condition
  • The lightweight receiver will be a comfortable one for the pet, even the little ones


  • Multiple setting features might be hard to maneuver for those who are not well-acquainted with these kinds of items and features
  • The protective items that are included in the packages are not guaranteed to serve its purpose all the time—especially during extreme uncontrollable conditions in its environment

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7. Perimeter Ultra Comfort Contact System

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Safety, convenience, and efficiency come in one package with the Perimeter Ultra Comfort Contact System.

All these wonderful experiences in using the product were made possible by the contents of the package.

The package is inclusive of one mount transmitter, one waterproof collar receiver, two waterproof splice covers and two connectors.

The collar receivers included in this package, aside from being waterproof, also have additional rubber comfort to reduce irritation or limitation among the pets.

On top of that, it weighs lightly at 1.1 oz., so as not to add weight to your dog’s neck. It also offers flexibility in programming for dogs with a low tolerance on electric correction shocks.

As for the visible signals, the package provides 500 boundary signal flags and a DVD manual to guide you in using it.

This item comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • A DVD manual helps beginners and longtime users of the equipment
  • Lightweight collar permits more movement for the dogs who will wear its collar
  • The flexibility of the correction levels offer a more bearable option for the weak ones and stronger for the more stubborn ones.
  • Provides protection for all of the items in the equipment set to assure long-lasting and optimal performance
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Works only for one pet
  • Wires are not included in the package
  • The size and the weight of the collars are somewhat inconvenient, especially considering circumstances in which these can be lost. The dog might not easily feel it nor can these be easily seen, unlike of the huge collars.

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   Whatever your preferences are and whatever is on your checklist for packages, Perimeter Technologies has something for you. Each of the products they offer is unique and very useful in certain aspects of dog fencing business. They can all be checked out and availed through online selling sites and shops.