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Best Portable Wireless Dog Fence for Outdoor Activities

Pets going on a camping trip is hassling and problematic. We pet owners are actually finding means and ways for our pets to be secured and safe while we have a camping trip. There’s no need for us anymore to roam around in search for them and to get them back to the fence because there’s already a wireless pet fence!

1. OUR TOP PICK! – PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

This product offers nothing more than safety and portability. It is safe for your pets to use and it keeps your pet safe by creating an invisible boundary circle with a 180 feet diameter and a waterproof collar.

The pet correction system is also safe because it only gives off a small static shock that is only mild, and it will not over shock your pet if he ever goes way past the boundary line because it only lasts for 35 seconds.

It is also very portable, it promises instant installation, and you are good to relax. Unlike most pet containment system, the battery life of this product can last up to 2 months, and with proper care, this product can last up to 5 years. This PetSafe product may be a bit pricey, but it is surely a great investment.

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2. PetSafe Free To Roam Wireless Fence

This brand has produced many products that are designed to keep your pets safe, and this one is another one of those.

The great thing about a portable pet containment system is that they are easy to carry and set-up, this product can be set up for 1-2 hours with no fences to dig or ugly wires to bury.

It can cover up t0 180 feet in diameter or half an acre, and if you want to adjust the boundary you can because it is designed to be adjustable depending on your area of placement, the transmitter goes off in all directions so wherever your pet is you can relax knowing that he is safe.

It has also got a waterproof receiver collar that fits pets that weight at least 5 pounds or more, it offers five levels of static correction that you can also adjust and set on training mode. The battery of this item can last up to 2 months. The system’s use is not only for camping, but you can also use it during vacations at the beach.

The system package includes a transmitter, a collar receiver, training flacks, a manual and a few hardware that will aid in your training. It is advisable to use this system for dogs that are six months older or dogs who can understand basic commands such as stay and sit.

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3. PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

This portable dog fence is another brand of a portable wireless pet fence. It looks minimal and less complicated, and it lives up to its physical appearance. It can cover an adjustable circular area up to 3/4 acre or up to 105 feet in all directions from the indoor transmitter.

You can easily set this up in just 1-2 hours. It is Portable so you can easily carry it anywhere like during an RV camping, vacation homes or even just in your local park.

It has also got a rechargeable and waterproof receiver collar that charges quickly. Each charge can last up to 3 weeks depending on the frequency of use.

The receiver collar has five levels of Static Correction plus a tone-only mode which you can use during training with your dog. The slim and ergonomically designed collar is suitable for pets 5 pounds and more with neck sizes 6 to 28 inches.

An unlimited number of pets can be added to the system as long as they wear a PetSafe Wireless Fence Receiver Collar. The system includes a transmitter with a power adapter, receiver collar and chargers, training flags and a manual for training.

It is advisable to train your dogs at least two weeks with the system to train them not to pass the boundaries. There are a variety of factors that can affect the effectiveness of this system like metal objects or terrains and slopes, but you can easily contact PetSafe for assistance.

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4. Wireless and Portable Pet Containment System from KD

If you decide to go camping or outdoors then this pet containment system from KD might be perfect for you, especially if it is in a place full of trees and green things because you can easily see your dog from afar because of the collar’s eye-catching color.

The collars are also waterproof and rechargeable, so if it happens to rain outdoors, then you do not need to fret about any accidental charges because of the equipment being wet. The collar is also suitable for cats, so if you decide to bring any cats during your trip, you can also keep an eye on her too.

This pet containment is especially effective for pets who weigh between 12 to 120 pounds, and it can transmit a radio signal of up to 90 feet in not just one but in all directions within the area.

The remote control of this system can reach up to 500 meters, and if your transmitters battery starts to go low, it will show an indication through flashing red LED light and once it is fully charged it will turn to blue.

The great thing about this pet containment system is that it can continuously work for 24 hours outside, given that it is fully charged. It also has a hundred adjustable correction levels, and you have the option to choose whether it is a system for one or two dogs.

The transmitter can handle multiple receivers, but it is advisable to place the transmitter in the center of the pet area. The package comes with two remote collars, and it has got a great range. It is advisable though to not let your pet wear the same collar for more than 10 hours.

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5. Dog Fence Wireless Containment System by FocusPet

If you want something a little more techy looking and where you can choose a color, then you should check this pet containment system from FocusPet.

This brand is among the revolutionary brand of the latest technology, the wireless and portable pet fence.

This like the other products was specially and specifically designed to cater the problems of the pet owners who wants to go on a camping trip with their dog but aren’t sure how to keep their pets out of harm’s way.

With this product, you will not have to worry about missing pets, and you can fully relax on your camping getaway. This product is safe and efficient and has an entirely invisible fence.

If you are going to camp on a wide spaced area, then this pet containment system is perfect because its transmitter range can go up to 500 meters. It comes with a collar receiver that’s rechargeable, fit for a rainy weather and has an automatic sleep function. The collar has a standby time of about 12 hours and can work up to 9 hours.

The collar can fit dogs that weigh 8 pounds and up and has neck sizes that are 6 to 26 inches. A unique thing about this product is its double-head charger that allows you to simultaneously charge two receiver collars at the same time. Make sure not to place your transmitter in an area with any metal objects present and don’t leave the collar on for more than 10 hours.

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