When getting a wireless dog fence for your pets, you might as well get one that can reach a long range. This allows you to cover a large area without having to buy multiple dog fences. This article features three of the best long-range wireless dog fences you can find  for reasonable prices.

Table of Best Long Range Wireless Dog fences

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OUR BEST PICK! – PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

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PetSafe is known for being a leading brand in the pet business industry. You can undoubtedly trust this brand to take care of your pets and keep them safe in your home.

With this PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, you can create a wireless circular boundary to keep your pets contained in your yard.

You can adjust your pet’s boundary from 5 to 90 feet in all directions from the indoor transmitter. Thus, it covers an adjustable circular area up to 1/2 acre.

You do not need to bury wires or dig trenches to set up this wireless dog fence. It only takes two hours maximum to set this up and have it running. This wireless dog fence is portable so that you can set it up anywhere you go including in your RV or vacation homes.

The Waterproof Receiver Collar includes five levels of static correction plus a tone-only mode for training. The adjustable collar fits dogs that are eight pounds or more with neck sizes from six to 28 inches. You can use this wireless pet containment system on more than one dog if you buy additional fence receiver collars.


  • Adjustable correction levels
  • Can be brought anywhere with its lightweight
  • Wide roaming limits and detection
  • Collar fits majority of the sizes demanded dogs and can still be adjusted


  • Circular range detection sets limits to those that own as rectangular lot
  • It may take two hours to set up this item

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Sit Boo-Boo Secure-Pet Invisible Wireless Fence and Containment System

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Similar to the wireless fence above, this wireless fence and containment system has a plug ‘n play wireless technology that lets you conveniently set it up without using any wire or fence.

You can quickly set up an invisible boundary for your pets without digging or fixing wires underground.

The correction process releases vibrations and small shocks that assist in training your dog to behave accordingly to the wireless dog fence. The training collars also provide a perfect and comfortable fit.

They are easily rechargeable once they go low on battery. The three levels of correction features in this containment system allow you to tailor your dog’s wireless collar.

This containment system has a long and customizable range with a radius of 400 feet. You can easily cover the exact area you want. In best conditions, the unit can cover a total of 11 acres of land.

With every purchase of this wireless fence and containment system from sit boo-boo, you will get a bonus e-book to help you quickly learn the ins and out of this wireless system.


  • The simplicity of the process of setting it up is very efficient
  • Electrical shocks to train the dog are guaranteed safe yet very effective in disciplining the dog
  • Collars are fur-friendly, easily-rechargeable and adjustable


  • The radius of signal detection is quite small compared with the other distance covered by other competitors

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PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence without Wire

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In terms of its adjustability, this comes with a wide array of simulation levels (four levels to choose from).

This PetSafe Stubborn Dog fence without Wire also comes with a vibration alert for the pet to train and warn it at the same time.

Regardless of the level the owner chooses, the safety of the dog is still the top priority. It is assured that your dog will be appropriately disciplined without compromising his or her safety.

This package also offers waterproof collars to protect the dog from water-related problems when it encounters one. Its waterproof collars are excellent for the constantly-changing weather conditions, keeping the pet safe from electric shocks caused by water.

You will also be warned by the receiver itself with its indicator light once it hits low battery levels. This is one of the well-loved features of the device. It gives the owner an advance warning when to buy new batteries to continue its usage. Once this happens, all that needs to be done is buy 9 pieces of AA batteries.

On top of that, it also competes fairly with its competitors with its capacity to operate even with multiple collars. Same as with the other containment devices, additional collars are needed for those who’d like to add dogs under surveillance.

Purchasing additional collars for this device from the same supplier is highly recommended. This would assure that the collars will be compatible with the receiver and would work optimally. These additional collars can be purchased online or in the pet shops.


  • Adjustable levels of simulation
  • Waterproof collars
  • Low battery indicators
  • Can support multiple collars


  • The battery is non-rechargeable which will mean the owner needs to have a constant supply of AA batteries

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PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

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Pets, as defined is not limited to just dogs, but are also inclusive of cats. Promising compatibility not just for dogs, the collars of this containment system also works well for felines.

With a collar that requires only 2-3 hours of charging but can last up to 3 weeks after charging, you can maximize this item with minimal owner interference.

The collars and transmitter of this PetSafe product also do wonders as it can manage a limitless number of collars at the same time. Pet owners no longer have to buy another invisible wireless dog fencing device and can use this anywhere.

Their collars are designed with and for the comfort of your pet. It can fit those weighing 5 pounds or more and with neck sizes ranging from 6 up to 28 inches. With this size range which accommodates most pets, you can find one that fits your pets perfectly.

The five levels of correction will offer convenience as well since you can adjust them to whichever you please. You can also adjust the levels, depending on how obedient or resistant your pet is.

You can also opt to go into the tone-only mode for a starter training your dog or cat can tolerate. Regardless of the level you choose for correction, you can be assured that your pet’s safety remains a priority.

These features are guaranteed to train your dog according to where and how far you want them to venture after two weeks of using it on them.


  • Collars are very responsive, requiring minimal owner intervention and control
  • Can support unlimited number of collars in the system
  • Has the smallest wireless and rechargeable collar


  • Less accurate boundaries
  • Less flexibility due to the limits of the circular boundary

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PetSafe Wireless Fence PIF-300

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The next on the list is the PetSafe Wireless Fence 300. This dog fencing is wireless and portable, therefore offering the option to bring it around wherever they like.

Taking the dog wherever—whether for urgent or simply leisurely purposes—is made easy. On top of that, its detection range also changes along with the change of location of the receiver.

This containment device can be set-up quickly and without an expert—saving you both time and money (paying the expert). It also has an adjustable level of correction, which is flexible according to the dog or the owner’s specifications. It also comes with a tone-only mode—perfect for starter training.

The tone-only mode can be utilized for starter training. Under this set-up warning to the pet will only come with an audio alarm. This is a good starter for any owner to evaluate the obedience of the dog. Once this does not work well in disciplining the pet, users can go for the electric stimulation. This electric stimulation can be selected at different levels.

You never have to worry about this item’s detection range, since it can detect your dog even from a distance of up to ½ acre or 180 feet diameter. Some users may find this circular area of confinement too large for the pet to roam around. In such scenario, users are still given control over how wide they’d like their pet’s roaming or play area to be.


  • Can support or detect unlimited number of dogs
  • Adjustable detection range


  • The system needs to be in a dry and safe place to avoid malfunctions
  • Only allows a circular boundary

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Wireless Dog Fence System with Plug n’ Play Setup

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Wireless Dog Fence System with Plug n’ Play Setup is a hundred percent safe and completely wireless. You do not need to fuss with wires to keep your dogs safe in your home’s premise.

It has an easy Plug n’ Play Setup, which makes it more convenient especially for first-time users. Its invisible Wi-Fi signal makes it the perfect pet containment system for your dog.

It also features a water-resistant collar that keeps your pet safe, and the collar secure from water damages. Best of all, this wireless dog fence is long range, reaching up to 2 acres of land for coverage.

This wireless system creates an adjustable wireless boundary that emits a low voltage shock if your dog tries to go beyond its boundary. The collar vibrates first to warn your dog and then releases a low-level correctional shock.

Its Plug n’ Play feature allows you to set up the dog fence in three easy steps. These steps include plugging in the receiver, adjusting the size of the radius (in yards), and putting the collar on your dog.

The collars are completely water resistant and you can modify them for dogs ranging from 8 pounds and above. The system can also support multiple collars, so you can use this dog fence on all your pets upon purchasing additional collars. This brand offers a free replacement or full refund.


  • Gradual simulation of the electric shock that begins with a vibration
  • Easy installation which is very convenient
  • Waterproof collar
  • Adjustable detection range


  • Can only manage up to eight dogs under its detection range

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Electric Digital Dog Pet Fence

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Last but definitely not the least in our list of the best long-range wireless dog fencing products is the Electric Digital Dog Pet Fence. You can now restrict your pet in a certain area of your homes such as your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Unlike many dog fencing devices in the market, this offers detection within smaller spaces indoors.

Compared with its competitors’ detection range, this one is a bit at the con side. Nevertheless, it is a good starter for dog owners who would like to train their dogs about the restricted areas inside their homes.

The range of detection for your dog can be adjusted from one to six feet, according to your own preference as the transmitter allows you to do so. Sensitivity and accuracy with the help of the LCD display are also this product’s selling factors.

This LCD feature allows the user to control and adjust the operating cover range of the device. You can also opt to put it in its energy saving mode, for your own convenience.

The receiver, weighing lightly, offers much portability for the users as well. Users can also utilize this containment device for out-of-town trips or even simple outdoor activities. Water encounters won’t be trouble with its waterproof features.

With the collar’s adjustability, pet owners having pets weighing 5 pounds or more will not a problem. The collar also accommodates most pets, with neck sizes ranging from a 6 inches and maximum of 17 inches.

Batteries are also the best feature of this containment device. Users need not worry about the length of time required for the battery to reach its fully charged state.


  • Adjustable and wide range of detection
  • Sensitivity and accuracy feature brought by the LCD display
  • Light-weight receiver makes it a portable dog fencing device
  • Waterproof and adjustable collars


  • Six feet of distance is too short or cramped up for the dog to play around and be guarded

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