Product Description

Standing out with a feature that requires minimal human intervention, the Barkguard W227 Waterproof In-Ground Dog Fence Containment System guarantees efficiency and effectiveness in pet confinement. This product also makes a mark in the market with its simplicity, making it easy-to-use.

Features and Benefits

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From the moment of setting the Barkguard W227 Waterproof In-Ground Dog Fence Containment System, things will be easy for pet owners. All that the user needs to do is to plan and install the wire layout and connect it to the transmitter. Once the user is done with this process, the transmitter and the collars are good to go and ready to use.

Aside from the very basic and easy setup, users are also up for highly effective correction features. With a built-in progressive warning tone partnered with a static shock, minimal owner interference is required. The proportional shock is not just any regular shock but is a proportional one. This means that the shock given through the dog is guaranteed to be bearable.

Aside from the progressive warning mechanism, users will also benefit from this product through its waterproof feature. This waterproof feature is not just like any other that you can find. More than the ability to resist splashes of water, the collar-receiver can withstand getting submerged in water.

A set of the Barkguard W227 Waterproof In-Ground Dog Fence Containment System contains one receiver for one pet. However, this set can still work with multiple collars for multiple dogs. Like any other confinement devices, this can be utilized through purchasing more collars. As for this device, it is compatible with many receivers and can support an infinite number of these.

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  1. With the changing weather and the variety of the places frequented by dogs, this waterproof feature is very useful. What’s excellent about this waterproof feature is that it can allow the collar to be submerged in water. This indicates that the waterproof feature is heavy duty, unlike most of the other collars found in the market. After this submersion, you can still be guaranteed that the collar will work.
  2. In a busy world, an easy-to-set-up and long-lasting fencing device will definitely be helpful in saving time. With the simple set up demands of this device set, users are entitled to a shorter preparation time, and therefore longer time for other activities. Also, with its durability and efficiency, this confinement set is sure to work for a very long time and will have minimal to no malfunctions at all.
  3. Another effective feature of the Barkguard W227 Waterproof In-Ground Dog Fence Containment System is its automatic progressive correction. It’s also not just any other automatic progressive correction since it gives a bearable shock. The shock felt by the pet is just the right intensity, depending on its size.
  4. As many pet owners want to save money and time, the multiple collar support is one feature that reels them in. What’s also excellent about this product is that it can support a wide array of receiver collars, opening more options for pet owners. Aside from the flexibility, the Backguard W227 Waterproof In-Ground Dog Fence Containment System also sells for its capacity to work on multiple collars. In fact, there are no limits, according to the manufacturers, as to how many pets this device can guard. This means that no matter how many pets you want to put under surveillance, you can utilize this device.


  1. Despite the magnificent offer of unlimited collar support, there are still a few disadvantages to this feature. Come to think of an android phone that has a huge memory capacity. Regardless of the huge memory capacity, if there are too many applications and files stored, malfunctions are coming your way. The Android phone will either lag or hang at some point once it reaches a point where the memory goes nearly or completely full. This same analogy works for the Barkguard W227 Waterproof In-Ground Dog Fence Containment System. You might want to set limits on the number of pets that you want to put under the surveillance of the same transmitter to avoid problems.
  2. Though it promises to be safe and effective to dogs, the automatic progressive correction, there are still some things to ponder upon. One of these is the effectiveness of these shocks in disciplining the dog. If the dog is too stubborn, the progressive and proportional automatic shock will fail to discipline and contain the dog. There are some dogs that are too small but are too stubborn. In cases with such dogs, the proportional shocks won’t be enough to discipline the dog and a stronger, more intense shock is needed. This is where another problem arises, following the reason that the corrections are automatic and readily-setup.

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When it comes to convenience, then the Barkguard W227 Waterproof In-Ground Dog Fence Containment System is a good find. Setting up and the immediate use of the device are guaranteed to consume just a few hours of your time. Not only is that, these setups will last for a long time.

However, if there are a few accuracy matters that you are very particular about, you’d better think twice or think of compromises upon buying this product. Overall, this product still stands out as an excellent find for pet owners wanting to save time, energy, and money without sacrificing the quality.